At the Firehouse

By Victoria Tenney

ALLEGHANY: July 18th – Firefighters trained in Pike City.

DOWNIEVILLE: July 20th – Responded for a person who was injured; responded for an injured person who was transported to SNMH. July 21st – Firefighters trained. July 22nd – Streets were washed for the Brewfest. July 23rd – Responded for an injured person, who chose to self-transport to the hospital; set-up for the Brewfest; The Brewfest. July 24th – The ambulance responded to Sierra City for an injured mountain biker.

LOYALTON: July 19th – 10:25AM, fall with dislocated knee, Sierra Brooks

PIKE CITY: July 18th – Firefighters trained. July 20th – Responded for an ill person who was transported by ALS ambulance to SNMH.

SIERRA CITY: July 22nd – Responded for a smoke check. July 24th – Responded to an injured mountain biker.

SIERRA COUNTY FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT #1(CALPINE, SATTLEY, & SIERRAVILLE): July 21st – Responded for a brush fire in Sierraville; responded for a report of smoke, near Treasure Mountain. July 24th – Responded for a report of a vehicle roll-over near Little Truckee Summit.

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