Month: June 2022

On the Shelf

By Paul Guffin

July, the Month

As most of us are undoubtedly aware, July is the seventh month of the year in both the Julian and Gregorian (the one we use) calendars. It is the fourth month of the year to have 31 days. The Roman Senate named the month in honor of General Julius Caesar in 44 B.C.E., it being the month of his birth. Prior to that it had been called Quintilis, indicating that it was the fifth month of the calendar (which started the year with year with March).

In the northern hemisphere, July is the second month of summer, while in the southern hemisphere it is the second month of winter. Even though the year is considered half-over at the end of June, it is July that actually has the distinction of hosting the middle of the calendar year: July 2, in a non-leap year, is the 183 day of the year, with 182 days already gone, and another 182 still to come; in a leap year, the middle of the year would come as July 1 slides into July 2.

July’s birthstone is the ruby, symbolizing contentment. Its birth flowers are larkspur or water lily. And, through most of the month, a crab (Cancer) is found wandering around, chased away later by a lion (Leo).

Like every month, July has its share of celebrations and observances. Here are some of the its month-long observances:

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Here Back East

By Lenny Ackerman


Patti and I visited Chicago this past weekend for her niece’s wedding. I thought it would be a “nice guy” event with me there just as support for Patti who had not seen her family in some time, but it turned out to be a great experience for both of us. Patti reconnected with family members and old friends of the family, and I had the opportunity to meet some very engaging Midwesterners – people from the manufacturing heart of the country, who really make things like corrugated boxes and pumps for pools and the like. Many were educated at Northwestern University, and most were engineers with MBA degrees. I had meaningful conversations about costing analysis, supply chain issues and recycling of box materials—a departure from my usual cocktail banter about the stock market and the resale value of someone’s home. All the men spoke my fishing language. Many of them tent camped and fished in Wisconsin and Kentucky—both areas I have never been. Going by the last couple fishing trips I took—no hits–maybe I should start looking to the Midwest lakes for new fishing horizons.

We stayed in Deerfield, a suburb of Chicago. The Marriot was filled with families there for a regional girls high school soccer competition. America at its best—these youngsters were full of energy and charged up to win. The Midwesterners I encountered on the trip were people of substance, in that when a person’s occupation is to build something useful, they are doing something fundamentally worthwhile, and it gives them a solid sense of confidence about their purpose in life. That is not to say people in finance, the law, or sciences don’t do worthwhile things, but they deal in the abstract more than the basic hands-on parts that keep the country moving. I met men who worked at Caterpillar and women from SC Johnson—all working on products that are the nuts and bolts of our economy.

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Summer Storytime at the Sierra City Library

By Mary Wright

Don’t forget about Storytime at the Sierra City Library. It’s every Tuesday from 11-12 a.m., for all children, young and old! We have many different people who live in Sierra City and Loyalton coming in to read or tell stories. We will also have some fun doing arts & crafts, or maybe even making clay pots some times. We’ve had a surprise visit from Bill the Magician, where he entertained our children by making a real bunny appear. Our next storyteller is Mary Nourse, with some stagecoach fun!

Come in on Tuesday’s from 11-12. Parents or caregivers are encouraged to stay with their little ones. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, June 20

10:01 – In Alleghany, someone vandalized the transfer site.

11:14 – In Pike City, a welfare check was requested for a female walking down to Grass Valley. A deputy made contact and will be following up with Health and Human Services.

12:59 – In Downieville, while responding the report of a bicyclist with injuries, a motorcycle victim was also found. The motorcycle rider was flown out and the bicyclist was taken by ambulance.

17:26 – In Sierraville, someone was arrested for battery.

19:49 – In Sierra City, there was a 911 hang up. When called back, there was a buzzing on the line followed by a high pitched beep.

21:00 – At the Cold Creek Campground, there was a report of a campfire. A deputy found the fire was in a permitted pit.

Tuesday, June 21

11:15 – In Loyalton, there was a report of a verbal argument. The parties were contacted and agreed to avoid one another. Agree to disagree.

17:16 – In Loyalton, there was a report of a trailer parked and being lived in on a property for three weeks. Other trailers were located and all trailer owners were informed of city code. A deputy will check on them at a later time.

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At the Firehouse

By Victoria Tenney

ALLEGHANY: June 20th – Firefighters trained.

DOWNIEVILLE: June 20th – Responded for an injured bicyclist; Responded for a motorcycle down with an injured person who was air lifted to the hospital in Reno. June 22nd – Responded for a vehicle roll-over with an injured person who was air lifted to the Enloe Hospital in Chico; responded for a Medical Urgent Care incident; responded for an injured Hiker who was treated and released; responded for a public assist; and, COVID-19 testing at the Downieville Community Hall. June 23rd – Responded for an injured person who was transported to SNMH; EMS Training. June 24th – Responded for two Medical Urgent Care incidents; responded for an injured person; responded for an injured person who was air lifted to SNMH. June 25th – Responded for a Medical Urgent Care incident.

LOYALTON: June 26 -10:16pm, party not feeling well, Loyalton.

PIKE CITY: June 20th Firefighters trained.

SIERRA CITY: June 22nd – Mutual aid response to Downieville for an injured hiker who was treated and released; mutual aid response to Downieville for a vehicle roll-over with an injured person who was air lifted to the hospital in Chico. June 26th – Responded for a smoke check that was turned over to USFS.