Katie’s Sightings

By Katie O’Hara Kelly

Lakes Basin Life!

Howard Meadow – 6/22/22

I went up to the Lakes Basin four times this week! It’s so beautiful up there right now, I just can’t seem to stay away! There are a few patches of snow in the shady areas and at the higher elevations, but most of it is gone now. The trails have all opened up and the hiking possibilities are endless! There were wildflowers and blooming shrubs, in every forest, meadow, and rocky slope I visited this week. Here’s a resulting rainbow of blossoms for you to enjoy!

Buckbean – Feathery False Lily of the Valley – Starry False Lily of the Valley
Menyanthes trifoliata – Maianthemum racemosa – Maianthemum stellatum
Applegate’s Paintbrush – Snow Plant – Crimson Columbine
Castilleja applegatei – Sarcodes sanguinea – Aquilegia formosa
Mountain Pride – Penstemon sp. – Mountain Heather
Penstemon newberryi – Penstemon sp. – Phyllodoce breweri
Common Camas – Velvety Stickseed – Larkspur sp.
Camassia quamash – Hackelia velutina – Delphinium sp.
Snow Mushroom – Orange Peel Fungus – Puffballs
Gyromita montana – Caloscypha fulgens – species unknown

I recently came across these three kinds of fungi. The Orange Peel Fungus and the Puffballs are everywhere in the forests, but I only came across three Snow Mushrooms so far. All of these fungi “blossom” soon after the snow melts!

Other than chipmunks and squirrels, I don’t usually see many mammals in the Lakes Basin. I was surprised to see this young buck off a trail last week. In the forest they will eat shrubs, flowers, and even mushrooms!

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