Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, June 6

04:43 – There was a 911 request for an ambulance in Downieville.

13:35 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance (EPHCA) was requested.

13:50 – A Nevada City inmate was experiencing mental health issues. Deputies were watching over the inmate while being evaluated by a Mental Health Professional.

Tuesday, June 7

10:36 – In Sierra City, there was a report of someone laying in the roadway. The responding deputy was unable to locate the individual.

11:27 – EPHCA helped someone get back upright in Loyalton.

11:50 – In Loyalton, there were X3 vehicles repeatedly speeding on Hill Street towards the cemetery during lunch hours. Deputies were unable to locate the vehicles. Slow down!

12:19 – A welfare check requested in Pike City. The individual was contacted and okay.

16:11 – In Sierraville, a welfare check was requested for a medical patient. The patient was contacted and found to be okay.

18:30 – Two suspicious individuals parked outside of a campground in Yuba County warranted a call from Camptonville. The Yuba County Sheriff’s Office was notified.

18:50 – In Loyalton, there was a report of someone possibly passed out in a vehicle. The responding deputies found a local farmer was resting.

21:28 – Deputies transported ballots from Loyalton to Downieville.

Wednesday, June 8

10:32 – EPHCA was requested in Loyalton and there was an attempted assault on a paramedic. The issue was resolved by deputy contact.

18:23 – In Downieville, there was another bear cub sighting. This time the cub was in a ditch on the side of the HWY at MM 19.54. I’m sure Mama Bear was close by.

Thursday, June 9

08:12 – A dead skunk was reported in Downieville. The Sierra County Road Department was asked to clear the stinch. Phew!

19:36 – In Loyalton, a bovine was causing a traffic hazard by being out on the highway. SCSO contacted the owner of the bovine to handle the issue.

Friday, June 10

07:18 – Another bovine was out causing a problem in Calpine, this time on HWY 49. CHP was notified of the issue.

10:58 – In Loyalton, there was a suspicious person. That’s all the report says. We don’t know why they were considered suspicious.

15:08 – A theft occurred somewhere on Main Street in Loyalton.

20:18 – Two dirt bike riders were riding in a protected wildlife preserve near Loyalton. The responding deputy informed the riders of the laws for the area.

21:20 – In Verdi, there was a report of 20 loud and obnoxious “kids” camping with loud music. Deputies were able to make contact with the group of ADULTS and the adults agreed to keep it down.

21:32 – On NB HWY 395, south of the Agriculture Station, there was a crash of a vehicle versus deer with no injuries. CHP handled the situation.

Saturday, June 11

00:17 – In Verdi, a person was arrested for driving under the influence.

10:22 – There was a theft at the baseball field in Loyalton.

14:12 – There was a 911 hang up in Loyalton.

15:36 – In Sierraville, a person from San Francisco was arrested for driving under the influence.

17:30 – There was a report of a large rock in the road near Butcher Ranch and Sierra Buttes Road.

17:40 – In Downieville, some property was found in the public bathrooms.

18:13 – An individual was arrested for driving under the influence and carrying a concealed weapon in Sierraville.

20:02 – In Verdi, an individual had questions regarding finding suspicious items in the forest. The Sergeant spoke with the individual and answered questions. Suspicious forest items, hmm.

Sunday, June 12

07:35 – There was a report of a fire alarm activation in Downieville but no smoke or fire were seen. It helps that it was raining too if there had been a fire.

11:38 – In Downieville, there was a possible parking problem inhibiting emergency vehicles to pass a residence. The residence was contacted.

12:10 – In Loyalton, the door was broken down on the football shed at Loyalton High School.

12:42 – A hiker was stranded in the cold in Truckee. The individual was located and given a ride to their vehicle.

Total Reported: 33

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