Katie’s Sightings

By Katie O’Hara Kelly

Sierra Valley Birds & Blossoms

The view north from the Steel Bridge – 5/30/22

In the last month and a half I’ve visited Sierra Valley four times! Every time I go, I see amazing wildlife! Last week I wrote about the Pronghorns we’ve seen. This week I’ll focus on the wildflowers and the birds! Right now there are lots of flowers in bloom, the valley is green and lush, and many different migratory birds have arrived for the summer.

Canal filled with blooming California Damasonium –
Damasonium californicum

In addition to the main Feather River channel in Sierra Valley, there are miles of water-filled, small canals along the roadsides. Right now some of the canals are overflowing with California Damasonium, a native pond-dwelling plant. The one inch, white flowers have delicately fringed petals! Such abundant beauty!

Sandhill Crane – Antigone canadensis

The birds were also incredible these past few weeks! To our delight a Sandhill Crane couple built their nest in an area that was visible from the road, so we checked on it every time we went to Sierra Valley. Sandhill Cranes mate for life. Both parents share in the 30-day incubation of the eggs. One time while we were there, the adult got off the nest and revealed two large eggs! (see inset photo above)!

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