Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, May 30

12:07 – In Truckee, there was a report of a hiking partner overdue to return. Deputies started responding and the caller replied the individual had returned.

14:12 – A report of unsafe shooting came in from Loyalton. A deputy found the shooting to be in a safe manner.

16:38 – In Downieville, possible home entry was reported. A deputy found no evidence was seen to validate the statement. A few days later the reporting person located the item they had believed to be stolen.

18:10 – In Sierra City, there was a reckless driving crossing over the double yellow lines.

20:28 – There was a report of some individuals stuck in the mud near Independence Lake. A deputy found the individuals and took them to their destination.

22:24 – In Sattley, a vehicle went head to head with a tree. The driver fled the scene and officers were not able to locate the individual. CHP handled the situation.

Tuesday, May 31

09:15 – A stranded and possibly injured female was flagging down cars near Pike City. It turned out she had been abandoned for four days and by an acquaintance who had stolen her vehicle. Offered medical aid, she refused it before a deputy transported her to Nevada County to meet with family. The car was located. A report for threats and theft to be made.

09:42 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance (EPHCA) was requested.

09:46 – In Loyalton, EPHCA helped someone up.

11:23 – In Loyalton, a dead skunk was in the road. The Loyalton City Hall was contacted to remove the deceased and smelly skunk. Phew!

18:58 – In Loyalton, a deputy was not successful in serving civil paperwork.

Wednesday, June 1

03:03 – In Sierra City, a carbon monoxide alarm went off.

05:01 – In Downieville, a bear cub was seen in a tree next to a residence and Mama bear was close by. Yikes! The SCSO advised the caller to not mess with Mama and to let the little cub and Mama figure out how to get out of the tree safely.

12:12 – A report of trespassing came in from Loyalton.

13:24 – At the Ramshorn Transfer site, an individual was seen entering bins. After contacting the site manager, a deputy contacted the individual and completed a report.

14:41 – In Pike City, a welfare check was requested. Phone contact was made and the call was cleared.

14:51 – In Downieville, a court ordered booking was deferred.

17:22 – In Sierra City, a welfare check was requested by AAA due to a subscriber being in a remote location and unable to contact. AAA was informed the subscriber was at a residence and not truly remote.

Thursday, June 2

07:37 – In Loyalton, there was a stray bovine on HWY 49. A deputy was able to clear the roadway of the bovine.

09:45 – In Loyalton, there was a 911 hang up.

11:46 – In Goodyears Bar, a driver was cited for driving with a suspended license.

17:59 – In Loyalton, there was a wildlife problem.

18:23 – In Loyalton, EPHCA provided a lift up.

21:40 – In Loyalton, an altercation took place between residents. No crime was committed.

Friday, June 3

06:35 – In Loyalton, a brown and white calf was caught running around unsupervised. CHP was notified of the juvenile issue.

08:45 – A 911 hang-up call came in from Loyalton.

12:02 – In Sierra City, there was a report of a suspicious trailer parked outside of a residence. The issue was resolved.

14:07 – In Goodyears Bar, a mental health issue.

14:36 – An emergency beacon was sounding off at the Deerwater Airport.

15:20 – There was a juvenile issue at a (redacted) school.

17:28 – A a wallet was lost near Stampede Reservoir.

17:36 – On CA-89, someone was driving recklessly.

18:25 – In Loyalton, a suspicious was person talking with children. The deputy was unable to locate the individual.

20:54 – There was a juvenile issue somewhere.

21:37 – In Loyalton, EPHCA was requested.

22:34 – In Loyalton, kids were stealing flags from residences.

Saturday, June 4

07:12 – On CA89, at mile marker 5, a vehicle and a deer collided. CHP was notified.

11:50 – A report came in about an injured biker off Long Valley.

14:15 – In Sierraville, smoke was coming from behind West Willow.

15:56 – Fish & Wildlife was notified after a bear broke into a cabin at Sierra Shangri-la.

16:07 – In Loyalton, EPHCA helped an elderly person.

16:52 – In Sierraville, a reckless driver was seen on CA-89.

19:04 – In Verdi, a vehicle was broken into and items were stolen.

21:47 – In Downieville, a firefighter’s credentials were found and a deputy returned the credentials to the owner.

22:03 – In Sierraville, loud music was coming from a residence. The reporting person did not want to prosecute with a citizen arrest. A deputy checked on the noise.

Sunday, June 5

09:21 – In Loyalton, a suspicious person was walking behind homes on Patterson Avenue. A possible suspect was contacted at Hill Street and Holden Lane, The suspect was cleared.

09:58 – On HWY 49 there were multiple rocks on the roadway from Convict Flat to County Line that a deputy removed.

12:37 – In Loyalton, a welfare check was requested.

14:52 – In Loyalton, EPHCA was requested.

17:02 – On Gold Lake Road, a deputy removed rocks from the roadway.

18:16 – In Loyalton, an elderly resident passed away.

19:33 – Location unknown but it seems the 911 hang up with static on the line has struck again.

Total Reported: 52

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