Night Sky

By Collin O’Mara-Green

A morning string of planets

Early risers will be greeted to a string of planets in the morning skies this month.

Looking to the east about 30-60 minutes before sunrise, you will, without the aid of binoculars, see a line of star-like objects extending upwards to the right of where the sun will rise. These are the planets (from left to right) Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The planet Uranus is out there, too, but it’s not visible to the eye.

This is a great way to see the plane of the solar system and our relative place in it. As the Earth orbits the Sun, we sometimes see the rest of the planets from an edge-on view. Also, many reports will call this a planetary alignment, but really it’s just planets in a line. An alignment occurs when objects line up with a central point, such as during eclipses.

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Find an unobstructed morning view of the eastern horizon this month and enjoy!

Keep lookin’ up!

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