Innovation Hub Formation Begins

By John Steffanic

After two productive meetings, and numerous sidebars, the Indian Valley Innovation Hub is taking shape. A formation committee is now in the process of working out the details of how the organization will be set up and operated. The small group is considering what the Hub should become, from a non-profit to a for-profit entity. They are going through organization charts, staff duties, processes and basic needs to get the Indian Valley Innovation Hub off the ground. The committee has set a goal of less than 60 days to make these decisions and seat a permanent Board of Directors.

The Indian Valley Innovation Hub is an effort to jump start the economy of Greenville and surrounding areas. The premise is to offer many different resources to “innovators”. These are people that have ideas to sell goods and services outside of Plumas County, to bring that money into our economy. Innovators will bring their ideas to the Innovation Hub and will be assisted in making their ideas reality through a variety of resources.

The first two meetings were held at the Greenville Elementary School Cafeteria and were an opportunity to explain the concept and stimulate potential ideas for development. Dozens of ideas were brought up, illustrating the notion that there are many possible business ideas that can be explored.

Initial funding and guidance for the Indian Valley Innovation Hub comes from the Plumas Sierra County Fair and it’s non-profit; the PSCF Foundation. As part of any fair’s mission to promote what its community makes, grows and raises, the Fair also is an economic driver in the county. These two roles have come together to help a fire devastated community prosper.

The formation committee plans on announcing their findings this summer.

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