At the Firehouse

By Victoria Tenney

ALLEGHANY: All’s quiet….no meetings, no emergencies, & no training.

DOWNIEVILLE: May 30th – Dispatcher meeting. May 31st – Responded for two Medical Urgent Care incidents. June 1st – Four Medical Urgent Care responses; COVID-19 testing at the Community Hall; Downieville Fire Association & Auxiliary meeting. June 2nd – Firefighters trained. June 3rd – Responded for three Medical Urgent Care incidents. June 4th – Responded for an injured person who was transported to SNMH.


PIKE CITY: All’s quiet… no meetings, no emergencies, & no training.

SIERRA CITY: June 1st – Responded for a carbon monoxide alarm sounding.

SIERRA COUNTY FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT #1(CALPINE, SATTLEY, & SIERRAVILLE): May 30th – Responded to a vehicle accident in Sattley. June 2nd – Wildland fire training exercise, hosted by Tahoe National Forest (USFS) at the Sierraville Ranger Station & Sierra Hot Springs. June 3rd – Responded for a distressed airplane beacon in Sattley. No downed aircraft was found. June 4th – “Tour de Manure” road bike fundraiser, started & ended at the Sierraville Fire Station. Fire District Volunteers provided support including medical services.

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