Month: May 2022

Here Back East

By Lenny Ackerman

Restigouche River Lodge Day One

The trip north from camp to the Canadian border at Houlton was a pleasant hour drive in my new Bronco. Through the car’s Bluetooth, I picked up WQXR radio out of New York which was reporting 90-degree weather in New York—quite a contrast to the brisk 40 degrees outside my window. The Bronco was a bit noisy on the highway, but the fresh new car smell and the knowledge that my fishing bag and rods were tucked in the trunk gave me a sense of freedom and real excitement for my first post-Covid adventure fishing trip in the North Country. The Restigouche River Lodge had been closed since 2020 due to Covid. The guides, all from the Quebec side of the river, had been quarantined and virtually blocked from crossing the bridge between Quebec and New Brunswick. When I reached the border, the female officer seemed a bit bored and robotic in her inquiries of me – where and why the trip? Never a look at my face, only a look-see at the computer and a continuing conversation with one of the other officers at the window. It was a routine, though heavily armed and tattooed welcome to Canada.

The GPS reported some 170 miles to my destination. The rain started out lightly as I-95 merged onto the Canadian highway system. For the next 80 miles there were some trucks and a few cars but I mostly had the road to myself. Surprised by the signs that read 90 speed limit I pushed the Bronco to 80 mph. Of course, at that hour I was not sufficiently caffeinated to realize the Canadian signs are not in miles per hour but kilometers. Luckily, I was not pulled over, since my French is non-existent beyond parlay vu fransay. It was too early for office calls. I did all I could to stay focused on the route and my GPS.

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Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, May 16

08:22 – In Sierraville, there was a controlled burn.

11:22 – In Loyalton, Sheriff Fisher witnessed a dog chasing deer. The dog’s owner was contacted and able to get the dog back inside. The report was forwarded to the District Attorney for review and possible criminal charges since it is illegal for dogs to chase deer outside of hunting season.

22:36 – On Gold Lake Highway, between Snag and Goose Lakes, a male subject was trying to flag down a driver. The responding deputy was unable to locate the man.

Tuesday, May 17

09:10 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance (EPHCA) was requested.

16:01 – East of Camptonville, near Henness Pass Road, there was a possible logging theft viewed by a neighbor. The location was determined to be on USFS land that is contracted out by PG&E. USFS took over the investigation.

17:31 – The EPHCA provided a lift in Loyalton.

22:48 – At the Yuba River Inn, an area check was requested. The area was clear.

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By Tessa Jackson

Fifteen years ago, if someone would have told me that I would be writing a sports column for the Mountain Messenger, I would have told them they were crazy. The writing part makes sense, I’ve always liked to write, but sports?! I never liked sports growing up. I didn’t love playing them, I was small and timid and not very athletic. I thought sports on TV were super boring. I did, however, love watching the Downieville Warriors basketball games. I guess it was because I was invested, I had someone to root for; and maybe I didn’t know all the rules, but I knew I wanted Downieville to win. And we were pretty good back then; I’m sure everyone remembers a packed gym and a crowd that wouldn’t keep quiet for anything. Banging on the bleachers and yelling, it was so fun.

I played basketball in junior high, only because it’s Downieville and my friends made me. But honestly, I didn’t like it, mostly because I was shy and I didn’t want anyone to look at me back then. I still remember being in a game and getting fouled; it was the scariest moment of my life being on the free throw line. Twice in a row I didn’t even hit the rim. I quit basketball in high school because the other girls were too intimidating. Luckily, back then there were enough people that they didn’t need me.

Somehow, someone talked me into joining Mary Johnsen’s tennis team my senior year of high school; thank you to whoever that was! It was a great experience, and I learned I’m not quite as terrible at sports as I always thought I was. Now when I meet people I can tell them I was on the number two mixed-doubles team in the league; no need to mention what a small league it was.

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At the Firehouse

By Victoria Tenney

ALLEGHANY: May 16th – Firefighters trained in Pike City. May 19th PRCSD meeting in Pike City.

DOWNIEVILLE: May 16th – Responded for two Medical Urgent Care incidents. May 18th – Responded for three Medical Urgent Care incidents; responded for a person who needed medical attention due to an oven fire; COVID-19 testing at the Community Hall. May 19th – Firefighters trained at Station #1. May 20th – Responded for a Medical Urgent Care incident, an injured person was transported to WSMC; responded to WSMC to transport a patient to SNMH. May 21st – Set-up for an Open House event; Open House event at Station #1; EMS Class in Sierra City.

LOYALTON: Thursday, 5/12/22: 8:05 PM, single vehicle collision, east of Loyalton. Friday, 5/13/22: 9:35 AM, lift assist, west of Loyalton; 10:54AM, older male collapsed, Loyalton; 3:30PM, older male with possible heart attack, Loyalton; 4:00PM, ill person, Loyalton; 5:10PM, lift assist, west of Loyalton. Saturday, 5/14/22: 5:36PM, older female fall victim, west of Loyalton. Sunday, 5/15/22: 8:45AM, lift assist, Loyalton. Tuesday, 5/17/22: 9:08 AM, older female with hip pain, west of Loyalton; 5:30 PM, lift assist, west of Loyalton; 11:15PM, adult female fall with injuries, Loyalton. Friday, 5/20/22: 4:34PM, adult female with dizziness and cramping, west of Loyalton. Sunday, 5/22/22: 4:49PM, lift assist, west of Loyalton.

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Boomtown Lounge Reopens

The Boomtown Wine and Beer Lounge in Downieville had its soft opening on May 20. It’s now open Wednesday – Thursday 4 – 7 p.m., Friday – Saturday 4 – 8 p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Closed Mon & Tues. Pictured at the great back patio of the yellow building overlooking the river are owners Michael Meline, Sonya Ziegler, and Jeff Sperry. A grand opening will happen in June. They offer wine, beer, coffee, ice cream, and specialty drinks—and will soon feature fine cheeses and assorted charcuterie meats.