Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, May 16

08:22 – In Sierraville, there was a controlled burn.

11:22 – In Loyalton, Sheriff Fisher witnessed a dog chasing deer. The dog’s owner was contacted and able to get the dog back inside. The report was forwarded to the District Attorney for review and possible criminal charges since it is illegal for dogs to chase deer outside of hunting season.

22:36 – On Gold Lake Highway, between Snag and Goose Lakes, a male subject was trying to flag down a driver. The responding deputy was unable to locate the man.

Tuesday, May 17

09:10 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance (EPHCA) was requested.

16:01 – East of Camptonville, near Henness Pass Road, there was a possible logging theft viewed by a neighbor. The location was determined to be on USFS land that is contracted out by PG&E. USFS took over the investigation.

17:31 – The EPHCA provided a lift in Loyalton.

22:48 – At the Yuba River Inn, an area check was requested. The area was clear.

23:04 – In Loyalton, EPHCA was requested.

Wednesday, May 18

09:15 – In Sierraville, there was a report of a possible felon in possession of a firearm.

10:39 – In Downieville, there was a report of a reckless driver. Deputy Kostick was on the lookout for the speeding driver as it was believed the driver would be speeding elsewhere.

10:43 – In Alleghany, Probation Officer Quade requested deputy assistance with a probation check on a recently arrested subject.

19:29 – In Sierra City, there was a 911 call for an oven fire. The Sierra City Fire Department responded to the call and was able to extinguish the fire.

20:21 – On CA-49, south of the Shangri-La Resort, a welfare check was requested for an individual who had had an angry outburst. The individual was contacted and fine.

23:40 – At Bassett’s Station, there was a 911 report of an individual needing help locating their vehicle. The Deputy made contact and was able to assist.

Thursday, May 19

10:02 – In Downieville, the Sheriff’s Office was notified about a wanted person being held in Butte County on a Sierra County warrant. The person was transferred to Wayne Brown Correctional Facility.

Friday, May 20

09:19 – In Camptonville, agency assistance was requested with the Golden Fire.

10:44 – A gray dog with no collar was running loose in Downieville. The owner was located by the reporting party.

11:20 – In Sierra City, there were some tree limbs across some phone lines. Good to hear it wasn’t power lines!

12:07 – Confidential sex offense investigation.

13:52 – In Sierraville, there was a request for civil service. A deputy was able to complete the service successfully.

14:27 – In Downieville, a welfare check was requested. The individual was safe and sound.

15:59 – On CA-49, near mile marker 45, a silver sedan was on its side next to the highway. CHP was unable to locate the vehicle. Where did it go?

16:35 – In Loyalton, EPHCAwas summoned via 911.

Saturday, May 21

02:46 – In Downieville, an individual wanted help and to speak with a deputy. The individual hung up and the SCSO and Sergeant tried to make contact but there was no answer.

11:54 – At Wild Plum Campground, there was a dead cow. How did a cow get in a campground? Was it part of a cook out gone wrong? Fish and Wildlife was notified.

13:41 – In Verdi, there was a request for an ambulance.

14:16 – In Sierra City, there was a civil dispute between some business owners.

14:37 – In Verdi, some off road vehicles were blocking traffic and illegally parking.

15:30 – A juvenile issue arose in Loyalton.

17:55 – In Sierra City, the civil dispute between the business owners heated up and some threats were made.

19:37 – In Sierraville, there was a report of a prohibited person with possible access to guns. A family member to take possession.

21:46 – At Bear Valley Campground, a mother and daughter were overdue from a walk in an unknown direction. By the time the SCSO responded, the duo had returned back to their group.

Sunday, May 22

00:17 – In Loyalton, there was a report of battery occurring amongst multiple individuals. All parties were separated.

03:17 – Some dogs were seen roaming Main Street in Sierra City. The owner picked up the pups.

11:01 – In Sierraville, a civil standby was requested while an individual removed belongings.

12:27 – In Downieville, a request for assistance in locating a victim from an out of county crime. The deputy was able to make contact and provide the victim with information.

13:29 – In Goodyears Bar, there was a water theft from the water company. The deputy contacted both individuals and advised them of next steps in this civil issue.

16:49 – EPHCA provided a lift-up in Loyalton.

19:41 – From above Sierra City, between Packer Saddle and the Sierra Buttes, a 911 report was received concerning lost hikers. The hikers were located by a CHP helicopter using thermal (infrared), night vision. Thw Sierra County Fire Department picked them up and returned them to their vehicle.

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