On the Shelf

By Paul Guffin

Summer Reading

The Downieville Library is gearing up for its children’s and youth summer reading programs. For the past several years, the library, in conjunction with the Sierra City Library, has offered the Two Rivers Reading Club. That program will continue this summer, offered again by both libraries. In addition, the Downieville Library is also offering a new program entitled Aestas Poetica. Each reading program will begin with the end of the school year, and will continue through Labor Day. Here are the details about both reading programs:

Two Rivers Reading Club

This program, which is being funded this summer through a grant from the Sierra County Arts Council, is open to all children, resident or otherwise, from pre-Kindergarten (any age) to those currently in the eighth grade. To take part in the club, a child (or their parent) just needs to come to either the Downieville or Sierra City library, pick up a booklet for recording books read, check out some books, and start reading. (It should be noted that children may also read books that aren’t checked out from the library; we just ask that they read books they haven’t read previously.) Levels of achievement this summer are designated by five trees that can be found in our area: Mountain Alder; Mountain Dogwood; Canyon Live Oak; Bigleaf Maple; and, Douglas Fir. As a child completes each level of achievement, they earn a reward: a Color Craze Journal with a box of 24 colored pencils for the Mountain Alder level; a $5 gift certificate from Cold Rush Cafe for the Mountain Dogwood level; a $10 gift certificate from Sierra Hardware for the Canyon Live Oak level; an age-appropriate tree book for the Bigleaf Maple level; and, a 1-gallon potted tree (one of the five used in this program) for the Douglas Fir level. (These final two rewards will be ordered at the end of the summer, and presented when they arrive.) Books to be presented at the Bigleaf Maple level are: Squirrel’s Family Tree, by Beth Ferry, for pre-Kindergarten to Kindergarten; Tree Lady, by H. Joseph Hopkins, for first to third grade; Temperate Forests, by Peter Benoit, for fourth and fifth grades; and, Tree of Dreams, by Laura Resau, for sixth to eighth grade. For each level of achievement, children currently in the third grade and younger read two picture books, while children currently in fourth through eighth grades read one chapter book.

Aestas Poetica

This new program of the Downieville Library invites students currently in sixth through eleventh grades to a summer of poetry reading. Students will check out a book of poetry from the library (the library currently has close to 90 books of poetry on its shelves). Having read the poems in the book, the student then returns the book to the library in person. There they will either recite or read their favorite poem from the book to the librarian on duty that day. For each book read and poem shared, they will receive a $5 gift certificate from Cold Rush Cafe. For students currently in sixth through eighth grades, and who are also participating in the Two Rivers Reading Club, these books of poetry may also be used toward the achievement levels in that program.

Library Cards Needed

To check out books from our local libraries, a young person needs to have a library card from Plumas County Library (of which our local libraries are branches). If you are under 18 years of age, a parent must also sign the card application; so be prepared to bring a parent with you, when you first come to fill out the library card application.

Library Wheres and Whens

The Downieville Library is located in the basement of the Native Daughter’s Hall at 318 Commercial Street in Downieville. It is open on Tuesdays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and on Thursdays from noon to 4:00 PM. The Sierra City Library is located at 317 Main Street in Sierra City. It is open on Tuesdays and Thursday, from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

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