Night Sky

By Collin O’Mara-Green

Cosmic worries to not worry about

Image credit – NASA/JPL-Caltech/Judy Schmidt

Everyday, there seems to be something to worry about – inflation, housing, crime, supply shortages. But here’s something to really worry about… The Sun’s gonna blow up in 3 to 5 billion years! It will slowly expand to the orbit of Mars as fusion converts matter to energy. Less matter means less gravity, and less holding back against an ever expanding star. After boiling off the oceans, the Sun will envelope the Earth and cast off layers of gas and plasma while becoming a brown or white dwarf star. All in just 3-5 billion years and not a milleni sooner.

Or you can worry, or not worry, about the Heat Death of the Universe. As the universe expands, matter will have more space between other matter, thus less friction and the eventual cooling of the universe to absolute zero. It’s just around the corner in 10^106 years!

So don’t stress over everyday things. Just enjoy life, each other, and this beautiful Sierra County we live in. The real stuff to worry about is a long way away!

Keep lookin’ up!

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