At the Firehouse

By Victoria Tenney

ALLEGHANY: May 16th – Firefighters trained in Pike City. May 19th PRCSD meeting in Pike City.

DOWNIEVILLE: May 16th – Responded for two Medical Urgent Care incidents. May 18th – Responded for three Medical Urgent Care incidents; responded for a person who needed medical attention due to an oven fire; COVID-19 testing at the Community Hall. May 19th – Firefighters trained at Station #1. May 20th – Responded for a Medical Urgent Care incident, an injured person was transported to WSMC; responded to WSMC to transport a patient to SNMH. May 21st – Set-up for an Open House event; Open House event at Station #1; EMS Class in Sierra City.

LOYALTON: Thursday, 5/12/22: 8:05 PM, single vehicle collision, east of Loyalton. Friday, 5/13/22: 9:35 AM, lift assist, west of Loyalton; 10:54AM, older male collapsed, Loyalton; 3:30PM, older male with possible heart attack, Loyalton; 4:00PM, ill person, Loyalton; 5:10PM, lift assist, west of Loyalton. Saturday, 5/14/22: 5:36PM, older female fall victim, west of Loyalton. Sunday, 5/15/22: 8:45AM, lift assist, Loyalton. Tuesday, 5/17/22: 9:08 AM, older female with hip pain, west of Loyalton; 5:30 PM, lift assist, west of Loyalton; 11:15PM, adult female fall with injuries, Loyalton. Friday, 5/20/22: 4:34PM, adult female with dizziness and cramping, west of Loyalton. Sunday, 5/22/22: 4:49PM, lift assist, west of Loyalton.

PIKE CITY: May 16th – Firefighters trained. May 19th – PRCSD meeting. May 20th – Mutual aid response requested by Cal Fire, for a reported structure fire that went into the surrounding vegetation, near Hwy. 49 & Ridge Road.

SIERRA CITY: May 21st – Responded for crossed lines, PG&E responded. May 21st – EMS Class. May 22nd – Mutual aid response requested by SCSO, to search for two list hikers. The lost hikers we’re found by a CHP helicopter with night vision.

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