By Tessa Jackson

I managed to drag our esteemed editor, Carl Butz, out of his dungeon at the paper on Tuesday night to watch Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics take on Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat in the first game of the NBA’S Eastern Conference Finals with me at the St. Charles. Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics take on Jimmy Butler and the Heat.

The Celtics looked amazing in the first half, and then proceeded to play their worst third quarter of this year’s playoffs and the Heat won by 11. It was a fun game to watch though, and that’s really all we wanted.

I’m still hoping Tatum and the Celtics can pull out the win! I’m not a big Jimmy Butler fan. But, don’t get me wrong, the man is good and when he’s winning he seems like a fine guy. However, when he loses he goes into blame mode and can be pretty harsh towards his teammates. They better hope they don’t give him something to whine about!

Meanwhile, what in the world happened to the Phoenix Suns? How does the number one team in the league, a team with 64 regular season wins, who made it to the Finals last year, lose by 33 in a Game 7 of the playoffs? No one really has an explanation, besides maybe some internal conflict with the team and coaches. Did they just choke under pressure?

Unfortunately, not enough people are talking about how great Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks played in order to face the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals starting on Wednesday, May 18. It should be a good series against Steph Curry and the Warriors. Curry just hit his 500th 3-pointer in playoff history, is playing in his eighth playoffs, and has won three championships.

Whatever happens in basketball, I do know Carl is looking forward to watching the Feather River College Golden Eagles baseball team play the Ohlone College Renegades in the final round of Northern California championship this weekend. He was thrilled by FRC beating the Skyline College Trojans this past weekend, 8-6 and 12-10, and had a great time while attending the latter game in Quincy. It was a beautiful day at the ballpark and the wild, extra-inning, roller coaster nature of the game had him glowing while he told me about it.

Fortunately, he won’t have to drive to Fremont for the games against Ohlone (the #1 ranked community college baseball team in northern California) because it will be livestreamed.

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