Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, May 9

07:36 – In Loyalton, a 911 hang-up was actually a call meant for 411.

Tuesday, May 10

06:24 – In Loyalton, a vehicle was in a ditch. The reporting person was able to get the vehicle towed out while CHP assisted with traffic control.

06:43 – In Pike, somegasoline was stolen from the Fire Department. This is considered petty theft but with the cost of gas in CA, this will soon become grand theft.

08:10 – On CA-49 near MM 40, there were two abandoned vehicles. One vehicle was along the roadway and the other was over the edge. Since the vehicles were not impeding the removal of snow, CHP and the responding deputies did not have the vehicles towed. Both vehicle owners were contacted and one was able to get the vehicle running again with some gas while the other one was towed. Guess which one had to be towed?

10:33 – In Loyalton, there was a juvenile issue.

14:37 – On the Gold Lake Highway, a thin man huddled next to a guardrail generated a request for a welfare check on the man. The deputies responding to the request were unable to find the man.

14:52 – In Sierraville, suspicious persons were seen at Tom’s Snowmobile while the business was not open. The responding deputy was unable to locate the individuals.

23:35 – An injured deer was in on CA-49, north of Smithneck Road, .

Wednesday, May 11

08:01 – On Heriot Lane, agency assistance was requested for a traffic hazard clean up.

14:08 – In Sierra City, there was a request for a welfare check.

14:19 – In Loyalton, a dog bite someone or something.

15:21 – On CA-49 below Bassets, someone was along the highway.

15:23 – In Nevada City, there was a medical issue with an inmate at the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility.

15:31 – In Sierraville, someone requested the civil service of papers.

16:16 – From CA-49 at Big Springs, a report came in about a possible abandoned vehicle.

16:19 – In Loyalton, a dog was on the lam.

17:33 – In Alleghany, Thomas Jerome Foxx II was arrested for possession of a short barrelled firearm.

20:28 – In Verdi, some shots were fired.

20:29 – In Loyalton, a medical issue with a family member was reported. The responding deputies arrived to find the family member okay and not in need of medical attention.

21:39 – In Downieville, there was a request for a welfare check. The individual was found to be safe and sound.

Thursday, May 12

07:02 – There were controlled burns at the Alleghany and Sierra City transfer sites.

10:47 – In Verdi, a landlord brandished a weapon at a tenant. Damn!

11:09 – An annoying sound was coming from a neighbor’s house in Loyalton.

20:06 – On Garbage Pit Road and CA-49, there was a rollover accident with injuries.

Friday, May 13

03:02 – In Downieville, an interior alarm at the dental clinic was cleared by the responding deputy.

09:37 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance (EPHCA) helped someone get back up.

10:31 – In Downieville, someone fell down and needed help getting back up.

10:55 – The report of a possible heart attack came in from White’s Gas Station in Loyalton.

11:19 – In Loyalton, a juvenile issue was turned over to Sierra County Probation.

15:30 – In Loyalton, EPHCA was needed.

17:10 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care helped someone else get back up.

19:21 – In Sierra City, there was a civil dispute.

Saturday, May 14

01:34 – In Downieville, there was a report of a commercial alarm sounding. The owner was able to check the cameras and determined there was nothing suspicious.

10:04 – In Downieville, there was a report of a Sierra County business check being used in an online fraudulent incident.

10:05 – In Loyalton, the SCSO was providing traffic control for the Timberfest Parade.

12:50 – On CA-49 at Garbage Pit Road, a cow was loose roaming on the highway.

13:56 – In Loyalton, there was a report of possible dog neglect.

15:23 – On CA-49 at MM 24, there was a motorcycle accident with injuries.

15:33 – At the Downieville Motor’s Gas Station, there were several abandoned vehicles.

17:38 – In Loyalton, EPHCA was needed.

18:48 – In Loyalton, there were abandoned vehicles and illegal parking. The owners will be moving vehicles.

18:55 – On US 395 near Chilcoot, agency assistance was needed with a burglary suspect from Lassen County that was possibly armed.

Sunday, May 15

07:24 – In Sierraville, someone was unable to find their way out of the forest. The caller was calmed down and provided directions to get back to the highway.

08:47 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance provided some help getting back up.

10:08 – In Sierraville, there was a report of 50 vehicles speeding through town going southbound. Deputies and CHP were notified.

10:16 – In Pike, a residential alarm was sounding. The residence was secure and the deputy informed the homeowner.

14:30 – In Pike, there was a 911 hang up from Yuba County, via Nevada County. The residence was contacted and the house was cleared.

14:54 – In Loyalton, there was a report of an older man possibly naked. When deputies contacted the man, he couldn’t remember if he was naked or not, but he did say he may have had to urinate earlier. The man was told not to urinate in public anymore.

15:25 – Fire fighters found an electrical fire after receiving news of a house filled with smoke in Alleghany.

22:00 – In Calpine, agency assistance was needed in finding a runaway juvenile. The juvenile was found out of county.

Total Reported: 50

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