Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, April 18

11:39 – At the Ramshorn Transfer Station, someone vandalized a lock.

11:56 – In Downieville, a child accidentally dialed 911. There were no signs of distress and the kid apologized for the error.

12:36 – In Loyalton, a large dog was causing an issue. The owner was not available to handle the issue so the poor pup was incarcerated at the Truckee Animal Shelter. The owner was later contacted and they paid the fees for the issue at the Loyalton Substation. Poor pup!

13:54 – In Sierraville, someone’s trampoline, yes trampoline, was blocking traffic on Hwy. 49. Darn high winds!

15:20 – In Sierra City, a downed tree caused a power outage. PG&E and Public Works responded to remedy the issue.

16:45 – In Sierra City, there was a brush fire that the Fire Department was able to contain and put out.

18:02 – In Loyalton, some engine coolant was spilled on Hwy. 49. The Fire Department was able to clean up the spill.

18:42 – In Downieville, a tree was down on some lines that might have been for power. PG&E was notified.

Tuesday, April 19

02:36 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance (EPHCA) helped someone up.

12:51 – In Loyalton, EPHCA helped someone up again.

15:50 – In Camptonville, an elderly woman passed away.

18:42 – In Sierraville, some suspicious people were outside of a residence.

Wednesday, April 20

08:54 – In Loyalton, a fire alarm was activated erroneously.

09:01 – In Downieville, there was a report of loose or abandoned dogs at the Union Flat campground. There were no vehicles in the area and the deputy was unable to find the dogs.

12:23 – In Verdi, the Sergeant requested Reno Police Department respond to Cabela’s due to a subject trying to enter parked vehicles. Reno PD took the call.

12:36 – In Loyalton, a wood splitter was stolen.

18:04 – In Calpine, a juvenile ran away.

20:49 – In Sierraville, agency assistance was needed in finding a possible suicidal individual.

Thursday, April 21

07:32 – In Loyalton, assistance from the EPHCA was requested.

08:18 – In Downieville, a commercial burglary alarm was falsely activated.

15:30 – In Loyalton, there was a request for civil service.

16:05 – In Sattley, there was a semi over length. CHP was notified.

18:23 – In Sierra City, there was a report of a reckless driver.

Friday, April 22

07:15 – In Loyalton, EPHCA assistance was requested.

07:44 – In Camptonville, an Anatolian Shepherd was missing.

09:37 – In Loyalton, a semi with a blown tire was blocking the roadway.

11:18 – Thee was a juvenile issue.

13:36 – In Sierraville, an ambulance was requested.

16:14 – In Loyalton, EPHCA provided someone with a lift up.

21:14 – In Pike, someone’s water line broke and was flooding their house. The Fire Department was able to assist by turning off the water.

Saturday, April 23

04:35 – In Verdi, a limousine broke down on I-80. The CHP assisted.

05:08 – In Sierraville, someone accidentally texted the 911 line.

14:20 – In Loyalton, EPHCA provided a ride to Renown in Reno.

22:23 – Near Emigrant Gap, there was a diesel spill on the railroad tracks out of the county. Unknown if spillage occurred in Sierra County.

Sunday, April 24

11:12 – In Downieville, a commercial alarm was activated. The Deputy checked the area and everything was secure.

14:49 – In Loyalton, a resident requested Deputy assistance in turning over prescription medication for proper destruction.

17:28 – In Downieville, an ambulance was requested.

18:00 – In Loyalton, someone was driving recklessly.

20:13 – In Sattley, there was a non-injury vehicle rollover.

21:16 – In Downieville, an unknown individual approached a homeowner stating that their vehicle was stuck in the mud. The homeowner provided a blanket but would not let the individual in their home.

Total Reported: 40

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