Night Sky

By Collin O’Mara-Green

Breaking news – Humans litter on Mars!

Did you know there is a remote-control helicopter on Mars! It recently took images of the Red Planet’s surface showing the aerodynamic backshell protecting it and the rover Perseverance on its entry into the Martian atmosphere.

It’s almost routine now to see images from the Mars rovers of the desert like landscapes they are exploring to better understand the geology, chemistry, and possible biology of a planet that once had oceans and rivers like Earth. This most recent rover Perseverance had a stowaway craft, Ingenuity, a small solar-powered, semi-autonomous twin rotor helicopter that has made a total of 26 short flights to date. Amazing!

But a by-product of robotic exploration of other planets is the litter and trash that is left behind in the landing process. To actually see this piece of tech and large parachute that slowed the rover to a safe landing speed is unreal, let alone a view from the skies of Mars.

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