At the Firehouse

By Victoria Tenney

ALLEGHANY: April 18th — Firefighters trained in Pike City. April 21st — AVFD Board of Commissioners Meeting at Station #1; Pliocene Ridge Community Service District (PRCSD)meeting at Station #2.

DOWNIEVILLE: April 18th — Mutual aid response to Sierra City for a vegetation fire. April — 19th Responded for a transfer from WSMC to SNMH; Mutual aid response for SCSO to give assistance in locating a person; COVID-19 testing and vaccines at the Community Hall. April 20th — Responded for a Medical Urgent Care incident. April 24th — Responded for an injured person who was transported to the hospital in Truckee.

LOYALTON: April 18th — antifreeze spill, Loyalton. April 19th — lift assist, west of Loyalton; lift assist, west of Loyalton. April 20th — smoke alarm sounding/carbon monoxide check, Loyalton. April 21st — ill person, Sierra Brooks. April 22nd — ill person, west of Loyalton; lift assist, west of Loyalton. April 23rd — older female with chest pain, west of Loyalton.

PIKE CITY: April 18th Firefighters trained. April 21st — PRCSD meeting at Station#2 in Alleghany.

SIERRA CITY: April 18th — Responded for a vegetation fire.

SIERRA COUNTY FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT #1 (CALPINE, SATTLEY, & SIERRAVILLE): April 22nd — Responded for a medical call in Sierraville. April 24th — Responded for a non-injury vehicle accident on Hwy. 89 at the Yuba Pass.

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