Sierra County Invited to Meet Kermit Jones, Candidate for Congress

Kermit Jones, M.D. Image courtesy of the Kermit Jones for Congress campaign.

On Friday, April 29, the people of Sierra County are invited to meet Dr. Kermit Jones, candidate for Congress in the newly-redrawn Third Congressional District, in which Sierra County now finds itself. From 10:00 to 11:00 AM, Dr. Jones will be at the home of Alix Shor, 202 W. Willow Street, Sierraville.  From 1:30 to 2:45 PM, he will be at The White House, 312 Main Street, Sierra City.  And, at 4:00 PM, he will be at the gazebo next to the Visitors Center in Gold Rush Park, Downieville.

Dr. Kermit Jones is a Democratic candidate for Congress, endorsed by the California Democratic Party for the position.  He is a doctor of internal medicine, working at Kaiser Permanente in Roseville and at Urgent Care in Auburn.  His life story began as a farm boy on a family farm in Michigan, where his parents instilled in him the belief that education was the key to opening doors that would otherwise have been closed to him.  It was the example of his mother, a home health nurse, that inspired him to become a physician.  After the tragedy of 9/11, and after completing medical school, he joined the U.S. Navy to become a flight surgeon.  In that capacity he served in Iraq with a Marine squadron that took injured service members and Iraqi civilians to safety.  After two tours of duty in Iraq, he served as a  White House Fellow under President Obama, working with the Secretary of Health & Human Services to improve quality health care for our veterans.  In addition to being a physician, he is also a lawyer.

He understands personally how broken our healthcare system is in this country.  When his mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, and was repeatedly denied the specialized care she needed, the family was eventually forced to sell the family farm to provide for her much-needed treatment.  He is running for Congress, in part, because too many people are similarly struggling with the skyrocketing costs of care and of prescription drugs — and because politicians like his Republican opponents are putting partisan politics ahead of the health of families by ignoring experts and opposing policies that could help save lives.  However, as he says, he’s treated close to 20,000 patients, and has never asked whether they were a Democrat or a Republican.

We invite everyone to come and meet Dr. Kermit Jones.  He is eager to listen, and is ready and willing to share his carefully thought-out plans for healthcare, homeowners fire insurance, forestation, and the many issues and problems facing rural counties and communities like ours.

This press release is courtesy of the Sierra County Democratic Central Committee.

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