Sierra County Awarded California Fire Safe Council Grant

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The grant-funded County Coordinator is key to enhancing Sierra County wildfire preparedness and resilience.

(Downieville, CA, April 7, 2022)—Sierra County was awarded a $175,000 California Fire Safe Council grant to fund two contract positions to assist with improving county-wide wildfire resiliency. The County Coordinator and Outreach Specialist positions will work within Fire Safe Sierra County (formerly Sierra County Fire Safe Council) to develop local collaboration between fire mitigation and emergency preparedness groups, communities, government agencies and stakeholders to enhance Sierra County’s wildfire preparedness and resilience. The County Coordinator will also serve as the Fire Safe Sierra County Council Coordinator during the term of the grant.

The County Coordinator and Outreach Specialist will coalesce the wildfire mitigation groups, assess constraints and needs regarding wildfire resiliency efforts, and make recommendations to address deficiencies in mitigation efforts. Based on data gathered during this collaboration, the County Coordinator will develop a multi-year “Wildfire Resiliency Program of Work” that identifies desired outreach, education, and wildfire mitigation activities, potential funding sources, anticipated timelines, and environmental compliance needs. This Program of Work will provide a framework, timeline, and strategic pathway for which Fire Safe Sierra County can continue to grow and enhance its role in helping Sierra County residents become better prepared for wildfire.

The funding of these positions will directly benefit Sierra County through improved communication and responsiveness to wildfire mitigation concerns; establishment of a collaborative framework inclusive of all county stakeholders; and development of resources to assist Fire Safe Sierra County in achieving its mission.

Tim Beals, Sierra County Director of Planning, stated “The Fire Safe Coordinator grant is one of several funding programs that the Board of Supervisors is pursuing to serve the County’s highest priority of protecting life and property from the devastating impacts of wildland fires. The current ‘County Coordinator Grant’ has allowed the County Fire Safe Council to benefit from the expertise afforded by its recently appointed Coordinator/County Forester, Danielle Bradfield of Feather River Forestry – to develop an extensive Program of Work that implements fire safe planning, landscape-based fuel treatments, public outreach, and a host of other projects aimed at fire resiliency and fire prevention”.

The grant funding for the County Coordinator will run through March 2023. This grant program is funded in full by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) as part of the California Climate Investment Program.

The Sierra County Fire Safe Council is a coalition of public and private sector organizations that share a common, vested interest in wildfire prevention and loss mitigation. The Council’s goal is to preserve Sierra County’s natural and manmade resources by mobilizing the public to make their homes, neighborhoods and communities fire safe. For more information on how to get involved, call the Fire Safe Sierra County voicemail at (530) 289-8025, visit the website at, or email at

The California Fire Safe Council goal “is to preserve California’s natural and man-made resources by mobilizing all Californians to make their homes, neighborhoods, and communities fire safe.“

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