At the Firehouse

By Victoria Tenney

ALLEGHANY: April 11th – Firefighters trained in Pike City.

DOWNIEVILLE: April 12th – Responded for a Medical Urgent Care incident; responded for a possible structure fire – canceled; responded for a Medical Urgent Care, a person with a broken finger – complete. April 13th – Responded for four (4) Medical Urgent Care incidents. April 14th – Responded for a Medical Urgent Care incident; responded for a vehicle accident. April 15th – Responded for a person who was having chest pains, and they were to be transported to the Enloe Hospital. Then they decided to rendezvous with an ALS ambulance, and transported the patient to the hospital in Marysville. April 17th – Work party to set-up the Easter Egg Hunt; Easter Egg Hunt.

LOYALTON: April 10th – Responded to elderly person’s fall, Loyaton. April 15th – Lift assist, west of Loyalton.

PIKE CITY: April 11th – Firefighters trained. April 13th – Mutual aid response to Camptonville for a residential fire alarm sounding – canceled.

SIERRA CITY: All’s quiet….. No training, no meetings, & no emergencies….

SIERRA COUNTY FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT #1 (CALPINE, SATTLEY, & SIERRAVILLE): April 14th – Medical training in Calpine. April 15th – Fire education with Loyalton Fire Department & USFS in Loyalton for Pre-kindergarten and third grade children.

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