Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, March 14

08:16 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance (EPHCA) provided someone with a lift.

09:40 – In Loyalton, someone illegally cut down a tree on private property. Deputy made a report. Tsk tsk!

09:49 – In Loyalton, EPHCA was requested.

14:59 – In Loyalton, Deputy Fadden reported that someone requested a civil standby.

16:19 – In Pike, there was a non-injury crash. CHP responded.

18:10 – In Loyalton, someone was stuck in the snow but was later able to rescue them self.

21:11 – In Loyalton, someone forgot to turn off the lights at the Loyalton Pool building.

Tuesday, March 15

10:04 – Report of fraudulent ATM use. The reporting person was told to contact the local police department in the city where the activity took place.

11:59 – In Sierraville, a vehicle was parked on an abandoned lot. Deputy Fadden made contact with the owner of the vehicle to have it removed.

14:27 – In Loyalton, someone was arrested for a DUI and other charges. With the rising cost of gas, it really is cheaper to stay home and have a few cold ones. Don’t drink and drive!

17:39 – In Loyalton, there is an on-going parking issue at the Family Center. Deputy placed 72 hour warnings on the vehicles causing issues.

18:13 – In Loyalton, someone was arrested for parole violations and other charges.

18:21 – In Pike, someone accidentally dialed 911.

Wednesday, March 16

05:00 – In Loyalton, EPHCA was requested.

08:53 – In Loyalton, EPHCA provided a lift up.

10:35 – In Sierraville, a suspicious white van was parked overnight at the Feed Store.

11:11 – In Sierraville, there was a controlled burn.

12:04 – In Sierra City, there was a request for agency assistance.

13:35 – In Goodyears Bar, a citizen needed assistance getting to the Downieville Clinic.

16:09 – In Downieville, someone was arrested at Coyoteville for embezzlement.

Thursday, March 17

01:38 – In Loyalton, EPHCA helped someone get back up.

14:32 – In Sierraville, some idiot intentionally set a tractor on fire. Too much green beer for someone?

Friday, March 18

04:56 – In Chilcoot, there was a vehicle on fire. CHP and the Fire Department responded.

07:34 – In Downieville, there was a vehicle accident involving a dog.

08:36 – In Loyalton, a citizen requested that a deputy empty their pill drop box.

10:11 – In Sierra City, there was a report for a coroner’s case.

10:38 – In Loyalton, a next of kin recovered property from a deputy.

11:51 – In Downieville, a dog bit something or someone.

13:33 – In Loyalton, EPHCA was requested.

14:41 – In Loyalton, there was a report of someone disturbing the peace. This particular individual must have been especially rowdy to get called in during mid-afternoon.

14:53 – In Sierraville, someone was driving recklessly. Slow down and drive safely folks!

15:27 – In Verdi, someone got stuck in the snow and needed rescuing. The Sheriff’s Office was able to find the stuck individuals and get them to safety.

16:48 – In Loyalton, someone accidentally dialed 911.

Saturday, March 19

07:12 – In Sierra City, there was a report for a coroner’s case.

09:03 – In Goodyears Bar, a vehicle involved in an accident was abandoned. CHP was notified and the owner was contacted. The owner needed a vehicle jump to move it.

09:54 – In Sierra City, the 911 caller with static on the line has returned.

10:12 – In Sierra City near the Kentucky Mine, there were large boulders in the southbound lane of HWY 49. CalTrans was notified.

11:27 – In Sierraville, a citizen requested assistance from a Deputy relating to a correctable citation being signed off.

11:37 – In Sierraville, a county department requested that Sergeant Krawford serve paperwork to a Sierraville resident.

16:33 – In Sierraville, someone was arrested for driving under the influence.

16:53 – In Loyalton, EPHCA provided a lift up.

19:27 – In Loyalton, an ambulance was requested but the individual was flown out.

19:30 – In Loyalton, a traffic stop turned into something more but we have been provided withno idea what more it became.

21:39 – In Loyalton, there was a report of suspicious activity at the cemetery.

22:41 – In Chilcoot, someone was cited for an out of county warrant.

Sunday, March 20

00:12 – In Loyalton, EPHCA was requested for lift assistance.

12:25 – In Loyalton, EPHCA helped another person get back up.

Total Reported: 47

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