Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, March 7

13:10 – In Sierra City, a 911 caller reported fluctuating electricity in their house. The Fire Department and PG&E were both notified of the issue.

20:11 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was requested.

Tuesday, March 8

11:17 – In Downieville, an ambulance was requested.

18:59 – On HWY 49 near mile marker 19, there was a campfire down by the river. The Deputy advised the subjects to put out the fire. Friendly reminder, you must have a fire pit and sometimes a fire permit to have a fire by the river.

Wednesday, March 9

11:21 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was summoned.

16:36 – In Sierraville, on the south side of HWY 89, someone crashed and hurt a sign. No other injuries were reported and CHP was notified.

17:04 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was needed.

Thursday, March 10

00:05 – In Loyalton, there was a 911 report of suspicious subjects inside an apartment. A Deputy responded and the suspicious subject lives in the apartment. Maybe it’s time to learn who your neighbors are?

Friday, March 11

07:30 – On HWY 49, north of Downieville, a deer was down on the highway.

14:40 – In Chilcoot, some neighbors were having a dispute.

15:49 – In Loyalton, there was a report of some suspicious circumstances.

17:12 – In Loyalton, someone was picked up on a warrant for embezzlement and a new crime of conspiracy to commit an injurious act. Double trouble!

Saturday, March 12

09:44 – In Loyalton, there was a controlled burn.

16:27 – Near Truckee, a motorist was stranded but friends came to the rescue.

Sunday, March 13

05:38 – On US 395 near Chilcoot, a subject was driving on the wrong side of the road. CHP was notified.

07:04 – In Loyalton, someone was arrested for inflicting a corporal injury.

15:29 – In Loyalton, there was a report of vandalism.

16:31 – In Verdi, there was a possible illegal fire. The reporting party requested information on USFS after hours reporting. The information was provided and USFS was also contacted. Again, be sure to have a fire permit and a fire pit or no fire! I cannot stress this enough.

16:31 – Off of Balls Canyon Rd and Lemon Canyon Rd, there was a single vehicle accident. CHP contacted NHP who responded with a unit closer to the incident.

22:43 – In Chilcoot, someone was arrested for a DUI and child endangerment.

There were no 911 hang up calls this week!!!

Total Reported: 20

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