By Tessa Jackson

Loyalton High School’s Skiing and Snowboarding Coach, Cali Griffin, (center) with her snowboarders Dyson Powers (left) and Meilani Meurer (right) at Mammoth Mountain during preparation for the State Championship competition being held there this week.

More women’s sports news this week! ESPN just announced they are bringing Fantasy WNBA basketball to their platform for the 2022 season. While Fan Duel and DraftKings have had daily WNBA fantasy for a few years, this is going to be the first season-long fantasy game dedicated to a women’s sports league. I’ve said in the past that this is one big step that should be made toward making women’s basketball more popular. While I love basketball with or without fantasy, I definitely watch more when I have a fantasy team and it makes it more exciting; I know at least one person who is going to sign up for it!

This is just a small amount of good news for WNBA players considering everything that’s happening in Russia. Most WNBA players play overseas in the offseason, several of them in Russia. While the max salary for the WNBA is around $220,000 (with the average being $130,000 in Russia the athletes can make up to $1 million in a season. Phoenix Mercury All-Star center, Brittney Griner, was among those players; and, while trying to leave the country (the date is not exactly known, but Russia made the announcement on Saturday March 5th she was detained by Moscow police for allegedly having a vape cartridge containing hashish oil in her bag. There hasn’t been any news about when Griner could be released. This is an absolutely terrifying situation, on top of a lot of players losing their livelihoods for who knows how long.

I’m definitely feeling privileged when I jump from Russia into this next topic: March Madness begins next week. Sunday Selection is this Sunday, the 13th, the First Four will be tipping off on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 15th and 16th, and the first round begins on Thursday, March 17.

It is hard sometimes to enjoy something when you are feeling bad about things going on in the world, however, this is the position we find ourselves in.

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