Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, February 21

12:53 – In Downieville, a vehicle was self abandoned on USFS road 25. The caller will recover the vehicle at a later date.

14:24 – In Loyalton, a burglar alarm was reported at City Hall. The responsible party for the building and the deputy secured the building.

19:41 – On HWY 395, there was a fatality in a vehicle accident.

Tuesday, February 22

00:20 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was requested.

00:37 – On Lemon Canyon Road near Sierraville, three individuals got stuck in the snow. Two of the individuals were able to walk out with the third individual being rescued by deputies.

18:41 – On HWY 49 near Depot Hill, there was a report of extra traffic moving northbound due to I-80 being closed.

19:52 – There was a crash on HWY 49 south of Yuba Pass.

20:03 – On HWY 89 south of Sierraville, multiple vehicles were off the roadway. Slow down!

Wednesday, February 23

01:20 – On HWY 49 at Gold Lake Road, CalTrans was requested to pull a vehicle out of a ditch. They should have slowed down too.

11:10 – In Loyalton, an injured deer was on HWY 49. Sheriff Fisher responded and had to release the animal from suffering and CalTrans was called to dispose of the remains.

18:38 – In Loyalton, a civil standby was requested.

20:07 – In Loyalton, there was an accidental 911 call.

Thursday, February 24

09:09 – In Camptonville, agency assistance was requested by the LA District Attorney Investigators who were investigating a parental abduction.

18:14 – In Downieville, medical assistance was requested.

18:57 – Request for medical assistance in Kern County. The Sheriff’s Office was able to provide the caller with the correct phone number.

20:15 – In Camptonville, citizen assistance was requested. Due to the request being in Yuba County, the caller was provided the correct phone number.

20:20 – In Downieville, a family fight broke out. All involved agreed to separate for the night.

21:14 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was requested to assist a woman in labor.

Friday, February 25

08:38 – In Sierra City on Main Street, some keys on a Carmax keychain were found between the restaurant and the blue house. If those are your keys, go get’em!

11:21 – In Truckee, agency assistance was requested regarding a Loyalton resident.

16:09 – In Sierra City, a report of dogs at large. What did they do to be on the lam?

17:50 – In Sierra City, someone was arrested for domestic violence.

17:59 – On Sagehen Summit and HWY 89, it was reported that there was a car fire. Upon arrival of the deputy there was no fire and the issue was out of county.

Saturday, February 26

08:24 – In Downieville, it was reported that a motion detection alarm was sounding.

11:51 – In Truckee, someone was arrested for two Sierra County warrants.

15:48 – In Loyalton, a welfare check was requested for a motorist stuck in the snow. That darn snow.

18:22 – On HWY 49 near the CalTrans yard, a driver was being reckless. The driver was not DUI, just dumb.

19:42 – In Sierra City, there was a snowmobile accident. The Sierra City Fire Department and some friends were able to get the snowmobiler to safety.

Sunday, February 27

01:58 – In Sierra City, an ambulance was requested.

10:17 – In Alleghany, a 911 hang up occurred. On the call back, the phone was answered but it was inaudible. The Alleghany Fire Department responded for a welfare check and the caller was not in distress. Phone line issues once again.

11:41 – In Loyalton, a lift assist was requested and the Loyalton Volunteer Fire Department responded.

14:22 – Near Downieville, a motorcycle crashed. CHP and Downieville Volunteer Fire Department responded.

14:23 – At the Ramshorn Campground, someone was arrested for an out of county warrant.

15:32 – Near the Lake of the Woods (located a short distance east of Webber Lake in southeastern Sierra County, a stuck snowmobiler needed assistance. After additional messaging, the snowmobiler received assistance and the SCSO no longer needed to respond.

17:20 – At the HWY49 and 89 split, someone crashed and was arrested for a DUI. Idiot.

18:32 – In Loyalton, a burglary alarm was sounding. There were no signs of entry and the place was secured.

20:37 – In Sierraville, a suspicious male and vehicle were on private property. The Sheriff’s Office was unable to locate the male or the vehicle.

Total 911 Hang Ups with Static: 4

Total Reports: 41

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