By Tessa Jackson

How about those Rams? Quarterback Matt Stafford proved he has what it takes by leading the Los Angeles Rams to victory against the Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl last Sunday. He did throw a couple of interceptions, and the Rams defense had a couple of missteps (or a non-called pass interference) which gave the Bengals the lead in the third quarter. But then Stafford did what worked for him all season, he got the ball to wide receiver Cooper Kupp, who ended up with the game-winning touchdown to seal the win for the Rams. The underdog didn’t do it for me this time, but it was an exciting game, and that’s all I really ask for.

The Loyalton High School Grizzlies Ski Team is going to compete in the state finals at Mammoth Mountain in March. How exciting is that? It looks like we have some pretty talented skiers and snowboarders over there. I look forward to bringing you more information on this in the coming weeks.

Only four more days left in the 2022 Winter Olympics. The U.S. has moved up to third in the medal count since last week. As of Tuesday night, we had 19 total medals including eight gold and seven silver. Norway is leading with an astonishing 26 medals including 12 gold. Here is the schedule for the last few days of competition. Notice the women’s ice hockey team is taking on Canada in the Gold Medal Game on Thursday; I just realized it actually takes place on Wednesday night at 8pm, but I think most of these events have been recorded and you probably won’t be watching many events live anyway due to the time difference.

Alpine Skiing

Women’s Alpine Combined Slalom: Thursday, 2/17

Mixed Teams Parallel Big Final: Saturday: 2/19


Men’s 15km Mass Start: Friday, 2/18

Women’s 12.5km Mass Start: Saturday, 2/19


2-Woman Heat 4 Saturday, 2/19

4-Man Heat 4: Sunday, 2/20

Cross Country Skiing

Men’s 50km Mass Start Free: Saturday, 2/19

Women’s 30km Mass Start Free: Sunday, 2/20


Men’s Bronze Medal Game: Friday, 2/18

Women’s Semi-final: Friday, 2/18

Men’s Gold Medal Game: Saturday, 2/19

Women’s Bronze Medal Game: Saturday, 2/19

Women’s Gold Medal Game: Sunday, 2/20

Figure Skating

Women’s Single Skating, Free Skating: Thursday, 2/17

Pair Skating, Free Skating: Saturday, 2/19

Freestyle Skiing

Women’s. Ski Cross Big Final: Thursday, 2/17

Women’s Freeski Halfpipe Final Run: Friday, 2/18

Men’s Ski Cross Big Final: Friday, 2/18

Men’s Freeski Halfpipe Final Run: Saturday, 2/19

Ice Hockey

Women’s Gold Medal Game, U.S. vs Canada: Thursday, 2/17

Men’s Semifinals: Friday, 2/19

Men’s Bronze Medal Game: Saturday, 2/19

Men’s Gold Medal Game: Sunday, 2/20

Nordic Combined

Team Gundersen Large Hill/4x5km, Cross Country:

Thursday, 2/17

Speed Skating

Women’s 1000m: Thursday, 2/17

Men’s 1000m: Friday, 2/18

Men’s Mass Start Final: Saturday, 2/19

Women’s Mass Start Final: Saturday, 2/19

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