Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, February 7

14:29 – In Loyalton, there was a report of theft.

15:03 – In Sierra City, a large rock was on the CA-49 near Big Falls. CalTrans was notified and responded.

16:14 – In Sierraville, a vehicle rolled over on CA-89 with injuries.

20:53 – In Loyalton, a person was making threats.

Tuesday, February 8

10:18 – In Downieville, someone was reportedly driving with an expired license. Slow day in the county.

Wednesday, February 9

12:25 – In Sierraville, someone was parking with problems and animals in the vehicle. The vehicle owner was located and warned. Don’t know if they were warned about the animals or the parking.

15:40 – On Stampede Dam Road, a motorist was stranded. The responding deputy was able to assist the motorist by getting their vehicle out of the snow.

17:39 – In Downieville, some keys were found in a visitor center restroom.

18:51 – In Calpine, some requested an ambulance.

18:53 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was requested.

20:03 – In Loyalton, a medical alarm was activated.

Thursday, February 10

10:32 – In Camptonville, some vehicles were abandoned. Yes, vehicles with an “S”. Sounds interesting to me too. Looks like another very slow day.

Friday, February 11

11:19 – In Verdi, petty theft was reported for documentation purposes only.

13:14 – In Sattley, a vehicle was over the embankment on CA 49.

17:50 – In Goodyears Bar, a welfare check was requested and the deputies found the individual to be safe and sound.

19:04 – In Sierra City, South of Yuba Pass a single vehicle accident occurred with no injuries. The owner of the vehicle will have a tow company remove their broken vehicle.

Saturday, February 12

00:03 – In Camptonville, CalTrans removed mountain debris from CA-49.

00:21 – In Sierra City, there was a 911 hang up with static on the line.

01:33 – In Verdi, a driver on I-80 was driving while intoxicated.

08:36 – In Sierra City, another 911 hang up with more static on the line.

08:55 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was requested.

11:51 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance provided help getting up.

17:34 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was summoned once again.

17:53 – In Downieville, it was reported that an individual was driving a vehicle and shooting a gun out of the window. The deputy made contact and no crime was committed. Sounds a bit like the wild west.

18:10 – In Loyalton, a baby cow escaped. The owner of the calf was able to wrangle the escapee and return the baby to safety.

22:10 – In Sierra City, someone was arrested for domestic violence of their partner.

22:12 – In Loyalton, someone was driving recklessly on CA 49. CHP was notified.

23:24 – In Downieville, some suspicious individuals were walking in several folks’ backyards. The deputies were unable to locate the individuals. Those were crazy people out that late on a cold night!!

Sunday, February 13

09:21 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was requested.

14:28 – In Sierra City, another 911 call with static on the line. This particular residence has a history of 911 calls with static on the line. They need to get that dang phone line fixed!

16:08 – There was a report of a possible fire off of Balls Canyon Road. The deputy was unable to locate a fire. The call was transferred to Minden Fire.

16:48 – In Sierraville, there were some large boulders blocking HWY 89.

Total Reported: 32

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