By Tessa Jackson

I’m heartbroken to report that the Sacramento Kings have traded away second year player, Tyrese Haliburton. If you read my article, you know I am a huge fan of Haliburton. Although he was selected 12th in the first round of his draft year, he has proven he should have been picked in the top three. He had a great attitude, was a team player, and showed amazing potential; I was looking forward to watching Haliburton in Sacramento for years to come. The good news in all of this is that Haliburton’s value was so high that, in the trade with the Indiana Pacers, we were able to get a two time All Star player in Damantas Sabonis. What this says to me is that the Kings are not playing the long game, they are trying to win games now. And they better do it once their final team is together. I hope the Kings have lit a fire under De’Aaron Fox, who had a rough start to the year, but has always been the backbone of this team. They are showing there is no doubt this is Fox’s team, and despite being sad to lose Haliburton, I am super excited to see what Fox and Sabonis can do.

How exciting is it to have NBA trade season and the Super Bowl in the same week? For the second year in a row, one of the teams in the Super Bowl will be competing in their home stadium; an interesting fact given that it had never happened before last year. The Los Angeles Rams, who will be playing in their second Super Bowl in four years, will take on the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, February 13, at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. Last week I reported that the spread was Los Angeles Rams -4, it looks like it has moved to -4.5. A man in Texas, who decided he had too much money, has reportedly bet $4.5 million on the Bengals to win, straight up (with no point spread;) with the line currently at +155, this means he would make over $6.9 million if the Bengals win. So if there is any chance at all that games are rigged, we should all go bet on the Rams right now. I’m leaning toward the Bengals +4.5, just because I want the Bengals to win.

I’m sorry to tell you I haven’t watched a lot of the Olympics, but I’m going to try to get in some figure skating and snowboarding. As of Wednesday morning, Germany was leading the medal count with five golds, while the Russian Olympic Committee has the highest total medals with 11. The U.S. has one gold which belongs to Lindsey Jacobellis for the Women’s Snowboard Cross. The U.S. also has five silvers and one bronze. Here is this week’s list of the games that will be taking place between February 10th through 16th.

Alpine Skiing

Men’s Alpine Combined: Thursday, 2/10

Women’s Super-G: Friday, 2/11

Men’s Giant Slalom: Sunday, 2/13

Women’s Downhill: Tuesday, 2/15

Men’s Slalom: Wednesday, 2/16


Women’s 7.5km Sprint: Friday, 2/11

Men’s 10km Sprint: Saturday, 2/12

Women’s 10km Pursuit: Sunday, 2/13

Men’s 12.5km Pursuit: Sunday, 2/13

Men’s 4×7.5km Relay: Tuesday, 2/15

Women’s 4x6km Relay: Wednesday, 2/16


Women’s Monobob Heat 4: Monday, 2/14

2-Man Heat 4: Tuesday, 2/15

Cross-Country Skiing

Women’s 10km Classic: Thursday, 2/10

Men’s 15km Classic: Friday, 2/11

Women’s 4x5km Relay: Saturday, 2/12

Men’s 4x10km Relay: Sunday, 2/13

Women’s team Sprint Classic Final: Wednesday, 2/16

Men’s Team Sprint Classic Final: Wednesday, 2/16

Figure Skating

Men’s Single Free Skating: Thursday, 2/10

Ice Dance – Free Dance: Monday, 2/14

Ice Hockey

Men’s U.S. vs. China: Thursday, 2/10

Women’s U.S. vs. Czech Republic: Friday, 2/11

Men’s U.S. vs. Canada: Saturday, 2/12

Men’s U.S. Vs. Germany: Sunday, 2/13

Women’s Semifinals: Monday, 2/14

Men’s Quarterfinals: Wednesday, 2/16

Women’s Bronze Medal Game: Wednesday, 2/16


Team Relay Competition: Thursday, 2/10

Short Track Speed Skating

Women’s 100m: Friday, 2/11

Women’s 3000m Relay: Saturday, 2/12

Men’s 500m: Saturday, 2/12

Men’s 5000m Relay: Wednesday, 2/16

Women’s 1500m: Wednesday, 2/16


Men Heat 4: Friday, 2/11

Women Heat 4: Saturday, 2/12

Ski Jumping

Men’s Large Hill Individual Final Round: Saturday, 2/12

Men’s Team Final Round: Monday, 2/14


Women’s Halfpipe Final Run 3: Thursday, 2/10

Men’s Snowboard Cross Big Final: Thursday, 2/10

Men’s Halfpipe Final Run 3: Friday, 2/11

Mixed Team Snowboard Cross Big Final: Saturday, 2/12

Women’s Big Air Final Run 3: Tuesday, 2/15

Men’s Big Air Final Run 3: Tuesday, 2/15

Speed Skating

Women’s 5000m: Thursday, 2/10

Men’s 1000m: Friday, 2/11

Men’s 500m: Saturday, 2/12

Women’s 500m: Sunday, 2/13

Women’s Team Pursuit: Tuesday: 2/15

Men’s Team Pursuit: Tuesday: 2/15

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