Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, January 31

08:15 – In Sierra City, an ambulance was requested.

10:10 – In Downieville, an alarm sounded.

12:27 – In Sierra City, a dog was loose but the Deputy was unable to locate the dog. The owner of the dog was given a verbal warning.

12:51 – In Loyalton, another dog was loose and stuck in a fence. The caller helped to get the poor pup unstuck but when the Deputies arrived, the dog was gone.

17:53 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was summoned for an electrocution.

Tuesday, February 1

05:22 – In Sierra City, a 911 hang up suspected to be caused by water on the phone line.

08:15 – In Downieville, there was fraud detected on someone’s EBT card.

10:15 – In Downieville, Nevada County requested assistance with serving a civil warrant in Sierra County. The individual was located and cited.

10:29 – In Downieville, a request for assistance in getting out of a residence. The reporting party had been unable to get out and friends were unable to get into the location. The Sierra County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance from other agencies including CHP. CHP was able to fly them all to safety.

16:08 – In Downieville, a dog bite someone. Were they asking the dog for directions?

Wednesday, February 2

04:31 – In Sierra City, a 911 call with static on the line due to water.

07:59 – In Loyalton, fraud was reported.

08:49 – A report of an out of county cat biting someone outside of Sierra County.

09:09 – In Sierra City, a 911 hang up with static on the line.

09:23 – In Alleghany, someone vandalized and broke into the transfer station.

09:33 – In Calpine, someone butt dialed 911.

10:05 – In Forest City, there was a suspicious older black Nissan reported.

12:30 – In Loyalton, there was a report of possible child abuse and neglect.

14:22 – In Downieville, outside agency assistance was requested for child abuse.

15:31 – In Downieville, a welfare check was requested and then referred to Sierra County CPS.

15:54 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance provided assistance getting up.

15:56 – A juvenile issue was reported.

16:42 – In Sierra City, someone stole some lumber. Lumbar theft has increased with the prices. Shameful!

17:23 – In Sierraville, someone needed assistance getting their vehicle out of the snow.

Thursday, February 3

12:45 – In Sierra City, a citizen requested assistance.

13:25 – In Loyalton, a report of child abuse and neglect and referred to Sierra County CPS.

14:34 – In Downieville, someone threatened another person in the grocery store parking lot.

16:34 – In Loyalton, a report of a possible suicidal individual. The individual was contacted and found to be fine.

Friday, February 4

09:05 – In Downieville, a report of illegal dumping. Sierra County Public Works was notified.

10:26 – In Sierraville, someone butt dialed 911.

12:04 – In Camptonville, a residence was burglarized.

14:11 – In Sierraville, a burglary alarm was accidentally tripped by a maintenance man.

18:07 – In Truckee, an individual was stuck in snow. The location of the individual was in Nevada County and the county was notified.

Saturday, February 5

13:10 – In Downieville, an ambulance was requested.

14:00 – In Sierra City, a report of an overdue hiker.

14:18 – At Stampede Reservoir, report of multiple skaters fallen through the ice.

15:34 – In Loyalton, a cell phone accidentally dialed 911.

Sunday, February 6

11:31 – In Truckee, a reckless driver was reported to CHP.

14:40 – In Truckee, a 911 hang up. No emergency.

Total Reported: 39

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