Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, January 24

05:53 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was requested.

12:46 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was requested again.

13:00 – In Loyalton, some dogs were loose and barking. The deputy made contact with the owners of the frolicing dogs and gave them written notices.

15:02 – In Loyalton, someone’s firearm was stolen and missing for six months. Should have reported this months ago!

Tuesday, January 25

10:50 – In Alleghany, an abandoned trailer was reported on Ridge Road just past the transfer site. CHP was notified but were unable to check the status due to the road being inaccessible.

11:30 – In Downieville, two pigs were frolicing on Brandy City Road. Fish and Wildlife was notified.

14:44 – In Loyalton, a 911 caller dialed in error. Caller was trying to call their neighbor.

17:46 – In Sierra City, some tree limbs were close to the roadway. CHP and CalTrans were notified.

22:01 – On HWY 395, CHP made an arrest for a DUI.

Wednesday, January 26

01:19 – In Downieville, CalTrans reported a miniature donkey and a miniature cow frolicing on HWY 49. The owner was contacted to pick up their mini animals.

09:46 – In Pike City, a vehicle and contents from a vacant rental property were stolen. CHP responded to the vehicle theft and Sierra County Sheriff’s Office responded to the theft of the contents stolen from the rental property.

10:11 – In Sierra City, a 911 call with static on the line. Deputies were unable to check the area due to it being inaccessible.

17:17 – In Loyalton, a dog was in the Sheriff’s yard.

Thursday, January 27

10:16 – In Verdi, a driver was being reckless. Call transferred to Nevada Highway Patrol.

13:44 – In Sierra City, a 911 caller hung up with static on the line.

18:54 – In Loyalton, a caller requested medical assistance for a neighbor that was refusing assistance.

Friday, January 28

09:34 – In Verdi, a citizen requested assistance backing down an icy road. Caller was able to back down without assistance from the Sheriff’s Office.

09:52 – In Downieville, a possible suicidal subject was heading to Downieville. The subject was later located in Nevada County.

14:55 – In Sierra City, someone stole some lumber. With the price of lumber these days, that could almost be considered grand theft!

16:44 – In Truckee, a stranded motorist was not requesting assistance. Umm, okay.

21:42 – The Susanville CHP arrested a subject for a DUI out of county and the Sheriff’s Office assisted.

22:41 – In Sierra City, a 911 hang up. There were problems with the phone lines.

22:51 – In Downieville, a possibly intoxicated man was walking on Main Street. At least he wasn’t driving.

Saturday, January 29

14:02 – In Loyalton, Sergeant Crawford responded to a report of the theft of a pressure washer.

15:15 – In Sierra City, a large boulder was broken into pieces on the highway.

15:43 – In Camptonville, a request for agency assistance with a fleeing vehicle.

22:42 – The Sierra County Sheriff’s Office assisted with a male in the middle of the highway that turned into an arrest for Lassen County for disorderly conduct, a controlled substance and illegal possession of a firearm.

Sunday, January 30

16:12 – In Loyalton, someone needed help getting up. Loyalton Fire and Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance responded.

17:34 – In Loyalton, another person needed help getting back up. Again, Loyalton Fire and Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance responded.

Total Reported: 29

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