Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, January 17

10:52 – In Loyalton, a request for a juvenile welfare check. The juvenile was found to be okay.

13:13 – In Sierra City, a request for an agency assist with a CalTrans worker broke down and needed assistance returning to the CalTrans yard.

15:08 – In Downieville, a car alarm was sounding.

15:40 – In Sierraville, a black cow wandered on the road.

22:18 – In Loyalton, an accidental 911 caller.

Tuesday, January 18

11:38 – In Loyalton, there was a juvenile issue.

18:38 – In Pike, an individual with an inoperative phone line attempted to contact AT&T but the work request could not be located.

21:45 – In Camptonville, a 911 request for medical assistance for an injured male. No transportation was required.

Wednesday, January 19

08:16 – In Loyalton, a vehicle was abandoned on private property. Owner of the vehicle to have the vehicle removed.

09:20 – In Downieville, the Downieville School was performing fire alarm testing.

13:32 – In Alleghany, a 911 request for an ambulance to assist an elderly male with breathing issues.

15:22 – In Downieville, a report of possible fraud. Caller wanted to inform the Sheriff’s Office.

16:40 – In Sierraville, a traffic hazard was reported and removed.

16:44 – In Calpine, someone was possibly stalking someone else.

21:09 – In Loyalton, a caller wanted the Sheriff’s Office to speak with a drunk person. Does that help said drunk person to sober up by speaking with the Sheriff’s Office?

Thursday, January 20

00:14 – In Sierra City, there was a 911 hang up with water on the line. Don’t know if that means water could be heard or the call got wet.

22:07 – In Sierra City, the Sierra City Fire helped someone get up.

22:24 – In Calpine, an ambulance was requested for an elderly female having issues breathing.

Friday, January 21

13:02 – In Loyalton, a 911 call regarding concern over a child’s bike laying behind a snow pile.

16:55 – In Downieville, a large boulder was in the roadway. CalTrans was notified to remove the boulder.

17:24 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance assisted someone up.

17:41 – In Goodyears Bar, a subject was possibly unconscious. The subject was okay. Maybe the subject was napping.

17:46 – In Goodyears Bar, a possible medical emergency was reported. The deputies arrived and found the individual to be safe and sound.

18:53 – In Downieville, another boulder was in the roadway. CalTrans was again notified to remove the new boulder.

21:14 – In Sierraville, a family fight broke out. The Sheriff’s Office contacted the individual but the individual did not want any assistance.

22:33 – In Sierra City, someone got arrested for grand theft and domestic abuse.

Saturday, January 22

09:03 – In Goodyears Bar, there was a traffic hazard on the road to the Ramshorn Transfer Station.

14:51 – In Sierraville, an occupied vehicle was blocking traffic. CHP was notified.

18:18 – In Verdi, a request for assistance locating an overdue family member that was in the Stampede area. A day search and rescue was going to be attempted until the reporting party called to cancel the search and rescue due to being in contact with the overdue family member.

21:36 – In Downieville, a dog got out and the owners were contacted to go retrieve their dog.

Sunday, January 23

10:39 – In Sierraville, someone was arrested for drug trafficking and the other person driving was arrested for being under the influence. A search warrant was executed for the driver’s residence.

Total Reported: 31

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