Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, January 10

13:00 – In Loyalton, a 911 request for Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance.

14:29 – In Loyalton, some property was found.

16:48 – In Loyalton, someone needed help getting up.

17:39 – In Verdi, a request for assistance getting a truck unstuck from the snow. Caller canceled the request when notified that Search and Rescue only rescues people and not trucks.

18:25 – In Loyalton, someone requested a welfare check on their neighbor. The neighbor was found to be safe and sound.

Tuesday, January 11

11:20 – In Sierra City, a citizen reported that upon arrival at their residence, it appeared that someone had been inside their home.

12:53 – In Sierra City, a man in a reflective yellow jacket was standing in the northbound lane of HWY 49 facing southbound.

22:07 – In Sierra City, someone was unconscious but did not need to be transported.

Wednesday, January 12

00:13 – In Sierra City, some suspicious individuals were around a property.

03:26 – A request for assistance for getting stuck in the mud. The Sheriff’s Office provided a ride to Bordertown.

11:49 – In Loyalton, someone was driving recklessly all over the road.

13:44 – In Downieville, the driver of a black sedan with pink and blue stickers was dragging a female across the road by her hair. What the…

15:35 – A motorist requested help getting out of some mud.

16:04 – In Loyalton, someone found something and then turned it into the Sheriff’s Office.

17:48 – In Calpine, a 911 request for assistance getting upright.

Thursday, January 13

12:04 – In Loyalton, a mobile home being torn down was on fire. That’s one way to get it into smaller pieces for removal. However, that is not the correct answer and both individuals involved were arrested for arson.

23:59 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance helped someone get up.

Friday, January 14

14:03 – In Downieville, an agency assist was requested in identifying a long-term care resident.

19:30 – A report of an individual needing assistance in a different county.

21:41 – Near Truckee, someone got a DUI. Please stop drinking and driving, folks!

Saturday, January 15

07:42 – In Pike, someone vandalized the school. Vandalizing school grounds doesn’t mean school gets canceled.

08:20 – In Downieville, a 911 request for an ambulance.

08:43 – In Downieville, a soft top jeep crashed multiple times throughout the night. All were non-injury.

11:11 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was requested.

16:51 – In Loyalton, a caller reported an overdue party in the Sierra Brooks area. The missing party was located.

17:25 – In Loyalton, someone needed medical assistance.

Sunday, January 16

10:42 – In Calpine, someone requested an ambulance.

12:50 – In Sierraville, there was a warrant for something.

13:55 – In Downieville, a Russian speaking woman was trying to find her daughter.

14:09 – In Calpine, someone was having water issues and needed assistance contacting the Water District.

15:19 – In Sierra City, someone’s vehicle got stuck about 20 feet into Gold Lake Road.

Total Reported: 31

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