Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, January 3

09:28 – After completing a welfare check at an Antelope Valley Road address west of Loyalton, the Deputy found the individual to be okay, but having cell phone issues.

10:54 – The report of a vehicle stuck in a snow drift between Sierraville and Sattley was transferred to the CHP.

11:19 – The County Road Dept. reported a vehicle parked on Sacred Mount Road in Sierra City was hindering snow removal operations. When the Sheriff’s Office contacted the owner, the owner asked to speak with the Road Dept. Once this was done, the parties were able to come to an agreement.

17:46 – The caller requested assistance with contacting the Road Dept. in Loyalton in attempt to “close roads leading into A24.” The closure of CA-49 and CA-70 to keep people from using A24 seems a bit drastic, doesn’t it?

Tuesday, January 4

00:12 – A welfare check on a person living along Sacred Mound Road in Sierra City was requested.

09:59 – An medical emergency on Mill St. in Loyalton generated a call requesting an ambulance.

13:54 – The caller asked for a welfare check to be conducted in Coyoteville, just west of Downieville, to find out why the phone at their mother’s place is constantly busy.

14:21 – In response to a “citizen assist” request from somewhere along CA-49 near Loyalton, the log says, “Deputy took medication and disposed of them.” Say what?

23:52 – A medical problem on Hill St. in Loyalton resulted in a 911 call requesting an ambulance.

Wednesday, January 5

08:39 – The report of “dogs being abandoned” on Court Lane in Loyalton was denied “according to subjects children.” Does this mean the Deputy on this call found puppies who aren’t snitches?

09:50 – The Leonards IGA on Main St. in Loyalton asked for assistance “in requesting records.” Were they asking for vinyl copies of music produced years ago?

11:04 – An agency assist request came in from somebody (redacted) who wanted to know if a vehicle “was still into the snow embankment” on CA-89 near the Cottonwood Campground.

11:07 – A “lift assist” was requested for a person who had fallen somewhere in the vicinity of Hill St. in Loyalton.

11:38 – A vehicle rollover was reported to have occurred somewhere between two or three miles south of Sierraville on CA-89 and “Susanville CHP advises all responding units can cancel.”

15:04 – The caller asked for information on “what can be done about an aggressive dog running loose” on Tamarack Bend in Sierra City

16:06 – A person living on Hill St. in Loyalton called to request a lift assist for their husband.

16:42 – A juvenile problem was reported from somewhere. Unfortunately, due to redaction of the log, we only know the time of the call.

17:35 – After hitting a deer with their vehicle roughly half a mile south of Loyalton, the motorist called 911 to request a “police report” they wanted to use when filing an insurance claim.

Thursday, January 6

08:23 – Caltrans was notified after a report came in about “large snow boulders impeding traffic” on the southbound side of CA-49 near Crow City Road, roughly three miles east of Downieville.

15:24 – From Alleghany St. in Loyalton, a non-emergency call requesting an ambulance was received.

15:41 – A non-injury vehicle rollover incident on CA-49 betwen Vista Point and Yuba Pass was reported to have occurred.

16:05 – The report of a commercial burglary alarm going off on Mill St. in Loyalton turned out to be a false alarm. The noise was the result of an accidental activation.

17:07 – The log tells us a 911 call requesting a “citizen assist” came in from Hill St. in Loyalton. Again, due to redaction, what kind of assistance was needed remains unknown.

Friday, January 7

17:00 – The request for a welfare check on an elderly person somewhere near Groundhog Rock, in the vicinity of Sierraville, resulted in “Subject located”.

Saturday, January 8

09:27 – A welfare check came in from Main St. in Downieville concerning an employee who “had not been heard from.” The person was located by the Sheriff’s Office and was found to be “okay”.

22:58 – A person traveling northbound on US-395 was cited for a traffic offense and for an out of county warrant.

Sunday, January 9

07:55 – A call came in requesting a welfare check after the caller received “an odd call from a family member.” In response to the call, a deputy “made contact with the family, and was assured she was fine and on her way home.”

11:48 – A request for an ambulance was received from Roundup Drive in Sierra Brooks.

12:25 – An intoxicated person on CA-70 at Cemetery Road in Vinton was given a courtesy escort to town. Wow, no charges for being drunk in public? This action is reminiscent of the old days, when Sheriff Dewey Johnson was keeping the peace.

12:52 – The report of a non-injury, single vehicle accident at Milepost 8.89 on CA-49 (very close to the “water gauge”) was forwarded to the CHP.

16:23 – The request for assistance from two separate parties stuck at the intersection of Stampede Dam Road and Dog Valley Road was cancelled while the Sheriff’s Office was enroute to the scene. Both “parties were able to get unstuck” and no longer needed any help.

??:?? – Harrumph! The entire entry in the log was redacted.

18:18 – A person was arrested for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol on US-395 in the vicinity of Long Valley Road.

18:47 – A report was received concerning a “possible verbal altercation between two individuals in a vehicle” near W. Sierra Brooks and Antelope Valley Road. Deputies were unable to locate the vehicle.

21:00 – At Dotta Lane and CA-49, outside of Loyalton, a person was arrested on the basis of a Plumas County Bench Warrant.

Total reported: 35

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