By Tessa Jackson

This week is the last week of the regular NFL season. Week 18; that feels strange to say. Usually there are only 17 weeks; this year they added an extra game. Why did they do this? Well, there is really no reason other than money. Everyone involved, from the TV channels to the players, should get a lot more money. This also means the Super Bowl will be a little later this year; February 13. This week we have no Thursday Night or Monday Night Football but we will have two games on Saturday. Both the San Francisco 49ers and The Las Vegas Raiders have a chance to make the playoffs. The 49ers have to beat the Los Angeles Rams and the Raiders have to beat the Los Angeles Chargers. The 49ers could still potentially make the playoffs if they lose and the New Orleans Saints also lose to the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles lose to the Dallas Cowboys. Obviously, they don’t want to have to rely on either of those things happening, so they are going to be bringing their A game. The 49ers have a good record against the Rams but the oddsmakers are favoring the Rams by 4. As for the Raider game, the Chargers are favored by 3. The Raiders are going to have their tight end, Darren Waller back by this game and I can’t wait to see what he can do. Both of these games are sure to be exciting.

I got all three of my bets right last week, woohoo! That puts my record at 28-22-1 with only one week left, unless I decide to continue picking through the playoffs. This week I’m going to pick both the Saturday games, just because they are closer and it makes those days more exciting. First up we have the Kansas City Chiefs at the Denver Broncos. The Broncos have been exceptionally bad, and the Chiefs haven’t locked in that top spot in the AFC yet (and this year, only one team is going to receive a bye for the first round of the playoffs) so they still have something to play for. Chiefs -10.

The next game up is the Dallas Cowboys at the Philadelphia Eagles. These are divisional rivals who have both already clinched a spot in the playoffs but there is a chance for both teams to move up in seed if they win. The Eagles are at home and they are on a winning streak right now; it could also be possible that I am just a fan of the Eagles quarterback, Jalen Hurts. Eagle +7.

It was super fun watching the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City last week. The Bengals are looking really good; Joe Burrow threw for 446 yards and four touchdowns. They’ve clinched the top spot in the AFC North and still have a small chance of earning the number one spot in the conference. They are taking on the Cleveland Browns who have been eliminated from the playoffs altogether and who have also announced that their quarterback, Baker Mayfield, is out for the game and will have shoulder surgery. I’m surprised that the spread on this game is not bigger, and it probably will be by game time. Bengals -3.

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