Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, December 27

05:46 – In Downieville, request for a welfare check on a person stuck in the area. The caller later contacted SCSO and had been in contact with their son.

07:01 – In Loyalton, a semi-truck was blocking one lane while delivering to Lenoard’s Market. A deputy was sent to respond but was unable to locate the delivery truck.

13:27 – In Downieville, a vehicle was hindering snow plow efforts. The owner was eventually located.

18:06 – In Alleghany, phone lines were down across the roadway hindering more snow plow efforts. AT&T was notified to come fix their lines.

18:15 – In Downieville, someone requested that the county clear snow from their parked vehicle. This one made me seriously laugh out loud! Everyone must clear their own snow.

19:05 – In Downieville, a tree fell on a phone line. That isn’t good considering the cell service isn’t worth much either.

19:21 – Near Verdi, three individuals were stuck in the snow on the eastern segment of Henness Pass Road. Washoe County was able to find the individuals and transport them to Boomtown.

Tuesday, December 28

08:24 – In Loyalton, a trailer was blocking access to Garbage Pit Road. The owner was contacted and moved the trailer.

10:05 – In Alleghany, a power line was down and active. Fire dispatch forwarded the information.

12:50 – In Calpine, there were some cars impeding snow removal efforts.

18:33 – In Calpine, there was another parking issue.

Wednesday, December 29

04:53 – Between Pike and Alleghany, a fallen tree was blocking the road. The road department was notified.

05:01 – In Downieville, a tree fell on a home. The Downieville Volunteer Fire Department assisted.

07:09 – In Loyalton, Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance was dispatched to assist with an injured left foot.

07:33 – Near Sierra Shangri-La, a tree fell across HWY 49. CalTrans was notified to clear the road.

11:28 – In Sierraville, a possible hit and run to a property. CHP to handle.

13:37 – In Pike, a caller requested a welfare check on an elderly individual. CHP made contact and reported that family members would be at the residence soon.

13:39 – In Downieville, a semi-truck was driving through road closures. CHP notified.

17:16 – In Downieville, a test call.

18:45 – In Sierra City, another vehicle was supposedly impeding plow efforts. The deputy was unable to locate the vehicle.

19:17 – In Pike, a power line was down.

20:19 – In Alleghany, the road department requested assistance closing Ridge Road.

20:40 – In Sierra City, some folks who were going to need rescuing actually made it to Loyalton without rescuing.

Thursday, December 30

07:47 – In Alleghany, there was a fire alarm at the AT&T building. Fire Dept reported back, no fire or alarm. AT&T notified that there was no fire.

Friday, December 31

08:18 – In Loyalton, a 911 request for Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance.

10:13 – In Sierra City, an abandoned vehicle was once again causing problems with snow removal. CHP was notified.

12:18 – In Sierraville, a 911 request for an ambulance.

13:48 – In Downieville, a tree fell and was blocking someone’s driveway and the road. Sierra County Road Department was notified to clear the downed tree.

17:04 – In Sierraville, CHP responded to a non-injury vehicle accident. Only property damage was sustained.

17:13 – In Goodyears Bar, a possible heart attack victim was transported to Sierra Nevada.

17:14 – In Sierra City, there were some skiers on the highway refusing to move their parked vehicle on the highway. Deputies were unable to locate the skiers.

21:08 – In Loyalton, someone was celebrating the new year a little early with fireworks. Deputies checked the area but were unable to locate the source of the fireworks.

Saturday, January 1

00:06 – In Loyalton, many folks were celebrating the new year with fireworks. Deputy was unable to locate any specific addresses for the source of the fireworks.

00:48 – From Calpine to Downieville, it was reported that subjects were possibly driving while intoxicated. Deputy was unable to locate anyone in the area.

03:35 – In Loyalton, more fireworks were going off. Go to bed already!

08:00 – In Sierra City, two vehicles were towed for hindering CalTrans’ ability to remove snow. Not a good start to the new year for those folks.

11:55 – In Sierra City, a 911 call with static on the line. Deputy completed an area check. Sunday, January 2

12:04 – In Loyalton, the Loyalton Volunteer Fire Department provided a lift assist.

15:20 – In Loyalton, there was a juvenile problem.

17:06 – In Loyalton, a vehicle was illegally parked.

17:11 – In Loyalton, a dog was loose. When the deputy located the dog, it apparently knew it was in trouble and ran all the way home. Good dog!

20:46 – In Loyalton, someone lost a duffel bag. Contents unknown.

Total Reported: 42

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