Month: January 2022

Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, January 17

10:52 – In Loyalton, a request for a juvenile welfare check. The juvenile was found to be okay.

13:13 – In Sierra City, a request for an agency assist with a CalTrans worker broke down and needed assistance returning to the CalTrans yard.

15:08 – In Downieville, a car alarm was sounding.

15:40 – In Sierraville, a black cow wandered on the road.

22:18 – In Loyalton, an accidental 911 caller.

Tuesday, January 18

11:38 – In Loyalton, there was a juvenile issue.

18:38 – In Pike, an individual with an inoperative phone line attempted to contact AT&T but the work request could not be located.

21:45 – In Camptonville, a 911 request for medical assistance for an injured male. No transportation was required.

Wednesday, January 19

08:16 – In Loyalton, a vehicle was abandoned on private property. Owner of the vehicle to have the vehicle removed.

09:20 – In Downieville, the Downieville School was performing fire alarm testing.

13:32 – In Alleghany, a 911 request for an ambulance to assist an elderly male with breathing issues.

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Here Back East

By Lenny Ackerman


It was nearly two years ago that Carl Butz and I first had a conversation about his acquisition of The Mountain Messenger newspaper. I had called him mainly to offer my congratulations, as he had just rescued the paper from closure and in doing so made national news, which is how it came to my attention. We quickly hit it off, and it was that phone call that led not only to a weekly column for me, but to an unexpected and rewarding cross-country friendship.

During that initial call, I told Carl about my late wife, who passed away in 2017, and how I had continued writing letters to her as a way to deal with my grief. I learned Carl, too, lost his wife in 2017. A phone call about a newspaper became something more, as we bonded over our mutual loss and loneliness. He suggested channeling the letter writing into a weekly column. The idea was to put down in 250 words or less, my impressions of life from where I was living at various times of year — Maine and East Hampton in the summer, Palm Beach and New York City in the winter. So, under the heading “Here Back East,” my first contribution to the Mountain Messenger, “Open Remotely,” was published on May 7th, 2020.

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By Tessa Jackson

Well, I got the exciting games I asked for this past weekend! All four NFL games broadcast during Saturday and Sunday were won on the last play of the game. The first three were walk-off field goals and, in arguably the most exciting playoff game ever, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills went into overtime.

The biggest surprise of the week was the San Francisco 49ers taking out the No. 1 seeded Green Bay Packers. No one saw that coming. It was a very cold and snowy game and I did hear one announcer say at the beginning of the game that it could come down to special teams. He turned out to be absolutely right.

The Packers scored a quick touchdown on the first drive of the game, but after that it was a game of sacks, interceptions, and fourth down stops. The 49ers blocked a field goal attempt at the end of the first half to keep the score 7-0 in favor of the Packers. Then, with Green Bay ahead by the score of 10-3 and less than five minutes to go in the fourth quarter, the 49er’s Jordan Willis went straight over the hiker to block a Green Bay punt from deep in their own territory. When the ball finally came down, Talanoa Hufanga on the punt return team picked up the ball and ran a few short yards into GreenBay’s endzone for a touchdown to tie up the game. After the Packers went three-and-out on their next possession, the 49ers got the ball back at their 29 with 3:20 left, drove into field-goal range on Green Bay’s 38 yard line, and then ran down the clock to set up a clutch, 45-yard field goad by Robbie Gould to win the game as the clock expired.

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Cory’s Historical Corner

By Cory Peterman

Arrastras (continued…)

Rather than writing about a new subject this week, I decided to continue on the subject of arrastras, many of which were constructed in Sierra County back in the day. Regarding the arrastra stone (which I wrote about in my last article that can be seen to this day near the county courthouse, I found an additional article printed in the September 28, 1930 edition of The Mountain Messenger that states the following:

Old Arrastra Brought Here as County Exhibit – A huge quartz grinding stone said to weigh two tons, part of an old arrastra that was used in early times at Chandlerville, an extinct mining camp near Howland Flat, was brought to Downieville Thursday by John Kerfoot. The stone, which has a square hole cut in the center, is 18 inches thick and 4 1/2 feet in diameter, being shaped like a solid wheel.

The bowl in which this huge stone was used to grind the ore will be brought here later and they will form part of an interesting exhibit which it is purposed to collect for this county.

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Sheriff’s Log

By Jen Henneke

Monday, January 10

13:00 – In Loyalton, a 911 request for Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance.

14:29 – In Loyalton, some property was found.

16:48 – In Loyalton, someone needed help getting up.

17:39 – In Verdi, a request for assistance getting a truck unstuck from the snow. Caller canceled the request when notified that Search and Rescue only rescues people and not trucks.

18:25 – In Loyalton, someone requested a welfare check on their neighbor. The neighbor was found to be safe and sound.

Tuesday, January 11

11:20 – In Sierra City, a citizen reported that upon arrival at their residence, it appeared that someone had been inside their home.

12:53 – In Sierra City, a man in a reflective yellow jacket was standing in the northbound lane of HWY 49 facing southbound.

22:07 – In Sierra City, someone was unconscious but did not need to be transported.

Wednesday, January 12

00:13 – In Sierra City, some suspicious individuals were around a property.

03:26 – A request for assistance for getting stuck in the mud. The Sheriff’s Office provided a ride to Bordertown.

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