Bears At Play

We were saddened to learn about the death of OR-93, the grey wolf from northern Oregon who traveled south for the past couple of years, making its way into California in 2020 before being struck and killed by a vehicle near I-5 in Kern County sometime early in November. In response to loss of OR-93, who traveled the farthest south into California (historically a bastion of wolf habitat) since a wolf was captured in San Bernardino County in 1922, we decided it was best to show our respect for our native wildlife by showing a little happiness in our forests: bears hanging out in the Butte Creek Canyon as captured by Chris Wemmer, a local camera trapping friend.

Check out the excellent four-minute video below. We also suggest our critter-loving readers might enjoy checking out Wemmer’s well-produced, almost three-minute long video, of a ring-tail cat and its den in a tree, which is under the bear video.

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