Sherriff’s Blotter [7/8]

Monday, June 28
01:58 – Property found on Wild Plum Road, Sierra City.
06:58 – An ambulance was requested during a medical emergency
at Taylor Ave, Loyalton. The request was transferred to the East
Plumas Health Care Ambulance (EPHCA) service.
09:54 – A reckless driver was reported to have been seen at the
intersection of Battelle and S. Lincoln in Sierraville.
13:38 – The EPHCA was notified about the need for an ambulance
during a medical emergency on CA-49 in Loyalton.
16:09 – News of propane being smelled at Logger Campground
near Sierraville was forwarded to the US Forest Service (USFS).
18:26 – A person was arrested by Detective-Sergeant Crawford for
contempt of court and for being under the influence of a controlled
substance at S. Lincoln St. & CA-49, Sierraville.
20:13 – The report of a medical emergency at Main St. in Downieville
was transferred to the Downieville Ambulance service.
20:59 – A medical emergency at Hill St. in Loyalton was transferred
to the Loyalton Volunteer Fire Department (LVFD).

Tuesday, June 29
00:06 – The report of a medical emergency at Meeker St., Loyalton,
was transferred to the EPHCA.
15:06 – Sheriff Fisher reported a driving under the influence
situation near Gold Lake Stables along the Gold Lake Highway
and asked the Quincy California Highway Patrol to be on the
lookout for the suspected offender.
15:55 – Bovines were reported to be in the road at Smithneck &
Bear Valley Rd. south of Loyalton.
19:02 – Traffic violation at Dog Valley Rd. near Verdi.
19:04 – Traffic violation at Main St, Loyalton.
19:31 – Citizen assist at Longhorn Drive, Loyalton
19:47 – Call for assistance received for help with Siskiyou County

Wednesday, June 30
09:42 – Traffic violation on CA-89, Sierraville.
09:52 – Someone was reported to have been recklessly driving a
big rig on CA-49, Loyalton.
10:39 – A single vehicle rollover with no injuries took place at
Indian Valley Outpost.
15:13 – Reported fire on Pevine Mt. at Long Valley Road, Vinton.
15:38 – News of a possible field fire at Collins Ranch, Loyalton
was sent to the LVFD.
15:53 – Deputy Nathan Rust was not able to locate the smart
juvenile who was reported to be a problem somewhere within the
17:27 – The reported smoke plume turned out to be from a campfire.
20:24 – A motion alarm activation was reported at Main St,
22:17 – A “Suspicious circumstance”—someone was reported to be
sleeping in a vehicle parked on Court Lane, Loyalton.

Thursday, July 1
10:35 – A 911 hang up call came in from Beckwith St, Loyalton
14:54 – A cow was in the road near Rummillie Ranch, Loyalton.
19:34 – The CHP was unable to locate the horse whose tail got
stuck in a fence at Dyson Lane and CA-49, Vinton.
20:44 – A bovine was reported to be loose at Heriot Lane, Loyalton.

Friday, July 2
00:20 – A fire was reported behind the Two Rivers Cafe in
Downieville but the Downieville Volunteer Fire Department
(DVFD) was unable to locate any fire.
09:45 – A missing person is reported to be in the Sierra Valley and
deputies should be on the lookout.
11:22 – A citizen assisted motorists who were stranded at Verdi.
12:48 – A report of trespassing came in from Edna Drive, Sierra
14:27 – Medical emergency reported at Third St. in Loyalton
15:47 – The USFS was not able to locate the fire reported to be
behind the Loyalton Senior Center.
16:52 – A traffic hazard reported at Heriot Lane, Loyalton.
17:25 – Plumas County requested assistance at Beckwourth Portola.
17:32 – A person was cited for drunk driving on Main St. in
20:58 – A person hung up a 911 call from Longhorn Drive, Loyalton.
21:07 – A person hung up a 911 call from Edna Drive, Sierra City.
22:21 – Property found (location not disclosed).

Saturday, July 3
8:23 – Traffic collision 1 mile east of CA-89, Calpine.
11:37 – A citizen’s assist took place at Shaffers High Sierra Camp.
13:14 – A traffic hazard was reported at Herriot Lane between
Loyalton and Sierraville.
14:18 – A traffic hazard was reported at Sardine Lake Lodge, Sierra
14:24 – Impounded vehicle reported at Beckwith and Lombardi
Streets in Loyalton.
14:32 – Canine found at Forty Niner Drive, Sierra City, and the
owner was located.
14:57 – Columns of smoke were reported being seen at Antelope
Valley Rd. west of Loyalton.
18:18 – A medical emergency at Tamarack Bend, Sierra City, was
transferred to the Downieville Ambulance.
19:10 – A citizen’s assist took place at Cal-Ida Rd., north of Indian
19:47 – The report of Battery on Third St, Loyalton, was deemed
20:07 – A citizen assisted in locating two missing juveniles between
Goodyears Bar and Indian Valley.
22:52 – A person was arrested for drunk driving at the intersection
of Stampede Dam Rd. & Henness Pass Rd., north of Verdi.
23:13 – The illegal burning taking place at Summit 2, Verdi, resulted
in a citation being issued.

Sunday, July 4
00:18 – Lost property reported at W. Sierra Brooks Area, Loyalton.
00:20 – The CHP received an alert about the news of a traffic hazard
200 meters west of the county line.
00:30 – A controlled substance problem led to an arrest at Henness
Pass Rd. & Sunrise Creek Rd., Verdi.
11:35 – An ambulance was requested during a medical emergency
at Third Street, Loyalton.
13:58 – A deputy contact was requested for a child custody issue at
Slate Castle Ranch, east of Downieville.
14:14 – A traffic citation was issued along West Willow St. in
14:46 – An open 911 call was reported at Stampede, Verdi.
16:57 – A lift-assist was requested at Hill Street, Loyalton.
18:50 – A report was made to 911 about overdue parties at Fiddle
Creek Ridge Trail.
19:07 – A disabled vehicle was reported at CA-49, Pike City.
20:24 – A 911 report came in about overdue parties at Packer Lake.
21:20 – A driver was cited for an out of county warrant on US-395,
22:00 – A person was arrested for DUI at US-395, Chilicoot.

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