On the Shelf [7/8]

By Paul Guffin

What’s New on the Shelf
Due to some recent gifts of books to the Downieville Library, the shelves are a bit fuller. (A reminder, new-to-the-library books may generally be found on the New Book Shelf directly ahead as you enter the library.) Here are the new (to the library) books:

Big Red Barn, by Felicia Bond (easy reader)
Love That Dog, by Sharon Creech
The Overcoat and Other Short Stories, by Nikolai Gogol (short stories)
The Penal Colony, by Franz Kafka (short stories)
Opening Day, by Ernie Koepf
Three Novellas, by D.H. Lawrence (“The Ladybird”, “The Fox”, “The Captain’s Doll)
Great Russian Short Stories, by Paul Negri (ed.) (short stories)
Garden Folk, by Katie O’Hara-Kelly (easy reader)
Cannery Row, by John Steinbeck
The Pastures of Heaven, by John Steinbeck
The Pearl, by John Steinbeck
The Winter of Our Discontent, by John Steinbeck
The Underground Railroad, by Colson Whitehead

Hawaiian Mythology, by Martha Beckwith
Coyote Reader, by Wxilliam Bright (Native America literature)
The School Book of Virtuous Poems, by E.E. Cerezo (poetry)
Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices, by Paul Fleischman (poetry)
The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide, by Judy Galbraith (juvenile)
Musings, by Joseph R. Godwin (poetry)
Haiku Poetry: Volume Two, by J.W. Hackett (poetry)
A Moveable Feast, by Ernest Hemingway
To Christ, Dionysus, Odin, by Bill Hotchkiss (poetry)
Salt: A World History, by Mark Kurlansky
Out of the Earth I Sing, by Richard Lewis (ed.) (poetry)
Ain’t I a Woman!, by Illona Linthwaite (ed.) (poetry)
Lessons from the Wolverine, by Barry Lopez (poetry)
Captain Cook, by Alistair MacLean
The Poetry of Pablo Neruda, by Pablo Neruda (poetry)
A Poetry Handbook, by Mary Oliver
The Recorded Sayings of Layman P’ang, by Yun Pang
Indians of California: The Changing Image, by James J. Rawls
A Rich & Rare Land: Irish Poetry and Paintings, by Fleur
Robertson (ed.) (poetry)
Selected Poems of May Sarton, by May Sarton (poetry)
Best Tales of the Yukon, by Robert W. Service (poetry)
Plants of Shakespeare, by Adelma Grenier Simmons
The Pocket Book of Verse: Great English and American Poems, by M.E. Speare (ed.) (poetry)
Journal of a Novel: the East of Eden Letters, by John Steinbeck
Walden and Civil Disobedience, by Henry David Thoreau
Complete Poetry and Selected Prose, by Walt Whitman (poetry)

Two Rivers Reading Club
The Downieville and Sierra City Libraries are waiting eagerly for children to come take part in the summer reading program. The program is open to all children (residents and visitors) from birth through those who were in 8th grade this past school year. Participation in the Reading Club can result in rewards, including a $5 gift certificate from Gold Rush Cafe, a free book at the school’s fall book faire, a $10 gift certificate from Sierra Hardware, the National Parks Sticker Encyclopedia, and a choice from four stuffed animals (fox, deer, mountain lion, bear).

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