At the Firehouses [6/28 – 7/4]

By Victoria Tenney

ALLEGHANY: June 28th—Firefighters trained.

DOWNIEVILLE: June 28th—Responded for a person who was
ill. June 29th—Medical Urgent Care response for a total of three,
COVID-19 tests. June 30th—Responded for a vehicle roll-over, a
patient was treated and released. July 1st—Medical Urgent Care
response for an injured juvenile; Firefighters trained. July 2nd—
Responded to an illegal fire – it was extinguished. July 3rd—Mutual
aid response to Sierra City for an ill person, who was airlifted to the
hospital in Reno. July 4th—Responded for a person who was
injured and transported to SNMH.

PIKE CITY: June 28th—Firefighters trained; A Helpline was
maintained. July 2nd—A Helpline was maintained.

SIERRA CITY: July 3rd Responded for a propane leak; responded
for an injured person who was air lifted to the hospital in Reno.

(CALPINE, SATTLEY, & SIERRAVILLE) June 30th—Firefighters
trained. July 1st—Business meeting. July 2nd—Mutual aid response
to Plumas County for the Sugar Fire. July 3rd—Responded to a
vehicle accident, on Hwy 89, off Kyburz Flat, an injured person was
airlifted to the hospital.

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