Sports 7-1: Predicting the Unpredictable NBA Conference Finals, Game-Changing Injuries at Wimbledon

By Tessa Jackson

If I seem a little distracted this week it’s because I’m writing
this week’s article from Las Vegas. That’s right, I’m in the
land of gambling and I am off to a terrible start! I’m already
0-2 betting on the NBA conference finals on Monday and
Tuesday. I bet on both the favorites, the Suns and the Bucks,
and they both got their butts kicked. The Bucks played the
Hawks last night (Tuesday) and my first instinct was to bet on
the Hawks (+7) again, but the news came out that their star
player, Trae Young (whose name I misspelled last week) was
out with an injury

So I switched my bet to the Bucks; it kinda felt like a trap
and it turns out it was! I say that because the Bucks’ Giannis
Antetokounmpo (triple checked the spelling on this one)
hyperextended his knee in the third quarter. But let’s be real,
the Bucks were losing long before that. The Antetokounmpo
injury sealed their fate, however, and put the rest of the series
in question for the Bucks.

With the way the Hawks were playing last night, it’s looking
more likely that I’ll get my wish of a Hawks vs. Suns Finals.
Bogdan Bogdanović, who you may remember I wrote about
being traded from the Sacramento Kings, was absolutely
amazing and is probably not missing the Kings at all right
now. Tonight I hope to break my losing streak by betting on
the Suns again, the Clippers won’t be so lucky this time!

Wimbledon is on now through July 12. The early stages of
the tournament have seen a slew of unfortunate injuries caused
by slippery conditions on the grass courts. My favorite,
Serena Williams, who was vying for her 24th Grand Slam
title, was forced to retire after only six games in her First
Round match after aggravating a hamstring injury. Roger
Federer’s opponent, Adrian Mannarino, was also forced out
due to injury when he was leading the match two sets to one.

The All England Club defended their court conditions,
stating that “The preparation of the grass courts has been to
exactly the same meticulous standard as in previous years.
Each grass court is checked by the Grand Slam Supervisors,
Referee’s Office and Grounds team ahead of play commencing,
and on both days of the Fortnight, they have been happy with
the conditions and cleared the courts for play.”

Williams’ opponent Aliaksandra Sasnovich was also affected
by the conditions, saying that because of the slick court, she
didn’t run to retrieve wide-angled shots like she normally
would. Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tournament that
still uses grass courts, which are considered traditional; the
French Open features clay courts, and the U.S. Open and the
Australian Open made the switch to hard courts in 1975 and 1988. But I guess it’s normal for the courts to be slippery for the first few matches of the tournament, and they are supposed to firm up as play continues. I’m so sad for Williams, and hope she recovers and that we don’t see any more injuries in tennis or basketball this week.

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