K9 Faro

By Holly Bayly, Public Information Officer, Sierra County Sherriff’s Office

K9 Faro is the newest addition to the Sierra County Sheriff’s
Office. Faro is a Belgian Malinois and was born in Poland. He
is a dual-purpose drug detection/apprehension K9.

The inception of the K9 program was made possible
through a lot of patience and persistence. Sheriff Mike Fisher
commented on one of the reasons the program is so important
to the county, “In the past, we have always had to depend
on other agencies that had K9s; I’ve wanted us to have our
own program for a long time.” Sheriff Fisher appreciates
those who made this opportunity happen. “This was really
all made possible through funding provided by the Sierra
County District Attorney’s Office and a generous $15,000
donation from Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office.
We owe them our gratitude for assisting us in acquiring our
first K9. Yes, Faro is our first; I hope to continue to grow the
K9 program,” said Sheriff Fisher. A K9 program provides
integral support to law enforcement operations and enhances
community relations. Sheriff Fisher highlighted last year’s
homicide investigation in which K9s assigned to California
Fish and Wildlife proved essential in locating a missing person
as well as assisting officers and deputies in apprehending the
suspect. Sheriff Fisher stated, “K9s are specially trained in
apprehending violent, armed subjects and useful in situations
when search and rescue tracking abilities are needed.”

K9 Faro and his handler, Deputy Scott Bayly (above),
recently completed a demanding six-week K9 training course.
The training consists of K9 case law, obedience training, area
and building searches, and tracking/trailing. Both K9 and
handler will continue in the future with a focused four-week
training course in drug detection. “One of the most important
elements of training with a dog is trust. Trust is essential to the
successful outcome of any situation we might encounter; the
handler must accurately read the dog, and the dog must trust
the handler. One thing I was taught was to remember the dog
is always learning, even when he isn’t training,” said Bayly of
what he feels is the key to success as a K9 handler. K9 Faro and
Deputy Bayly now spend all their time together, both at home
and work, and neither seem to mind. “Faro is part of my family
and is one of the deputies too.” Deputy Bayly also mentioned
Faro’s favorite subject is bite training, and his favorite treats
are Nudge’s Chicken Grillers. Residents will soon see them
patrolling together throughout the county; the Sheriff’s Office
encourages giving them a wave and welcoming K9 Faro to our

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