COVID-19 Cases Increase in Sierra County

From Press Release by Sierra County Health Department on June 29

Over the past couple of weeks, Sierra County has experienced a steady increase in COVID-19 cases
on both sides of the county. As we have opened up, an uptick in cases is not totally unexpected. What
is worth noting is that residents currently suffering from COVID-19 are younger and experiencing more
symptoms and a greater intensity of illness than in previous months.

Please be aware that variants of concern are more contagious and cause more severe illness in both
young people and older people. Remember to use your best judgment to protect yourself and your
loved ones. If you feel sick, please seek medical attention as soon as possible. As with all illnesses, a
timely diagnosis and treatment may shorten severity and duration.

For those who have yet to be vaccinated, you can visit to check for the avail-
able appointments and book your vaccination as soon as you can.

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